Codes and Conventions of Horror and Thriller Films

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Codes and Conventions of Horror and Thriller Films by Mind Map: Codes and Conventions of Horror and Thriller Films

1. Locations and Settings - Large, abandoned area's of space - country homes/estates, countryside, hospitals, mental institutions and are often away from cities or large areas of civilization. If based in a City, the film would play more likely on delusion for example and create a sense of isolation for the character, which distracts the audience from the large city and population - most often take away the attention from the location

2. Costumes/Props - either costumes suiting the time period or characters occupation - doctor, teacher, policeman/woman ect. The props used are always likely featuring weapons, homes, cars, belongings that are significant to the plot

3. Lighting - dark, lowkey, underlit, 'power cuts' are often used within Horror/Thriller films

4. Music and Sound

5. Music used - Non-digetic or digetic, dark, dramatic, eerie, loud/quiet, often gradual to create and build tension.

6. Sounds used - within the scene they are often uncommon, strange and capture either the audience and the characters attention together - emphaises the unknown or sense of danger

7. Weather - often cold, dark, and set in the winter - stormy/windy/raining. If based in the summer then scenes of danger or attacks commonly take place in the night.