Education in Colombia

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Education in Colombia by Mind Map: Education in Colombia

1. 6. In Japan, children mustn't be late for school, or they can't get in. This was not in my school, but ir seems a good idea, with this, children learn to be punctual which serve much in the future, for example in a job.

1.1. 5. In France, children don't have to wear uniformThis is not in Colombia, and my opinion is... Depends, in my school uniform esas used to prevent the abuse. Children can be very cruel and can make bullying to other children for their clothes. The uniform can be uncomfortable, but it is a great tool to prevent this sort of things.

2. 1. In the UK, children don't have to learn a foreign language at school. This is bad, because learning another language allows to know more, and tall time allows better job opportunities in Colomvia is required to know English.

3. 2. In the UK, you can take exams in art, cooking and sports at school. I think this is very positive because students can interact not only with mandatory and stricts matrials if not classes that help them relax and do what they like.

4. 3. Children in Thailand have to sing the national anthem in the morning. This is good because it taught to love and value their nation, in Colombia often students do not even know the first verse of the hymn

5. 4. In Singapore, children must learn most subjects (maths and science) in English. My opinion is that this is a good idea as it would facilitate them to have more children with another language approaches. This is not in Colombia, and would be. Children learn very fast, and if it were, they would be getting better in English.

6. 7. In Spain, children don't have to eat at school. They can go home for lunch. Children in Spain can go home to eat is a good solution but you can not do in Colombia because it is expensive and also involves a lot of time can be a big problem for traffic.

7. 8. In the UK, children have to eat a vegetarian meal at lunch. In the UK children eat vegetarian food and that is good in Colombia should be because lunch is that our children eat are unhealthy and have many calories and fat.

8. 9. Children in Poland must repeat the year if they fail their exams. children in Poland repeat the year exams and tests but this is good because that is taught to be responsible in Colombia that does not happen as they give many opportunities and so spend the year