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Sumerian by Mind Map: Sumerian

1. religion

1.1. sumerian

1.1.1. The Sumerians religion was polytheistic which mean more than one God. They believe in more than 2,000. They also change chief Gods over periods of time. They believe that all living things have a spirit.

1.2. Shang/ Zhou

1.2.1. The three Major where Taoism and Confucianism and Buddhism. Like the Sumerian the Shang/ Zhou are also believe in many Gods. Shang also worship the ancients ancestors. If the Ancestor spirits are not happy they will show tragedy . They have a various ritual where they do pray offering some time the offering are humans.

2. geography and agriculture

2.1. Sumerian

2.1.1. The region between the Tigris and Euphrates river is dry . The Sumerians could not grow crops yet. Homes of herders of sheep and goats. They moved to pastures  in the summer near the rivers. Changes into desert   in the winter. It also rains in the winter. Near the river the soil is very fertiles. The water in the spring starts to flood the land which started the irrigation system. Farming is very productive .The food surplus grown in this fertile land they don't need a ton of people working on farming all the time . These were the craftsmen, priests, scribes, administrators, rulers and soldiers who made civilization possible.

2.2. Shang/Zhou

2.2.1. The kingdom or empire of the kings of the Shang dynasty (17th-11th cent. BCE) had its core area in the middle course of the Yellow River, in the modern province of Henan and the western part of Shandong

3. Science and techonolgy

3.1. Sumerians

3.1.1. Most authority credit them with inventing the wheel and potter wheels. They were among the first astronomers. They started making tools. They created first concept of algebra and geomtry were formed.

3.2. shang / zhou

3.2.1. they perfected the calendar. They also observe the stars ad map the first geological map. they made weapons and  they also made irrigation systems. They developed music and also glass products

4. economy and trade

4.1. sumerians

4.1.1. The sumerian civilization emerged upon the flood plain of the lower reaches of the tigris and Euphrates river about 4000 B.C

4.1.2. Long-Rage trade routes first appeared in the 3rd millennium BCE, when sumerians in Mesopotamia traded with Harappan Civilization of the Indus Valley

4.2. shang/zhou

4.2.1. The Zhou Dynasty came to an end during the warring states period in 256 BCE when the army of the states of Qin captured the city of Cheng Zhou and last Zhou ruler, King Nan, was killed

4.2.2. The Chinese sold silk for thousands of years and even the Romans called China the "land of silk". Besides silk, the Chinese also exported (sold) teas,salt,sugar,porcelain, and spices.

5. government and leaders

5.1. Mandate of Heaven

5.1.1. this concept taught that the leaders gained their authority to rule from the godsThey believed that when the Zhou overthrew the Shang Dynasty, this was because the Shang had become tyrants and the gods allowed them fall

5.2. The government of the Zhou was based on the feudal system. The emperor divided the land into fiefs that were usually ruled by his relatives. The nobles who ruled the fiefs basically owned the farmers who worked their lands.

6. social structure and family life

6.1. sumerian

6.1.1. The farmer have prestants rather than slaves.

6.2. Shang/ Zhou

6.2.1. This era has been know is that working is common. They domesticated pig, dog and oxen and sheep. They royal were buried in pyrimands and the lower class would be buried in a pit They also have people do other thing then just farming like priest and craftmen and spinners, weavers . As kings and rulers were rising up they gained more power and also want more land and also had servents working for them.

7. Art and eductation

7.1. Most art was made out stone and carved most of the are made of goddess.

7.1.1. Summerian In front the royal place statue guards the placed.

7.2. Shang/ zhou

7.2.1. They creat patterns and qeometric shapes . They used aminals as symbols like the owl and dragon. Jade was also common . They started making better tools to carve with the jade then earlier periods seem to be lacking.