Facebook Corporate Culture

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Facebook Corporate Culture by Mind Map: Facebook Corporate Culture

1. Employee Management

1.1. Quantify the Value of Employees

1.2. Employees are on Facebook during their days  for collaboration, visual content, and keeps employees updated.

1.3. Given a choice of where they want to work - Want them to be happy

1.4. Six-Week Onboarding Boot Camp

2. Core Values

2.1. Focus on Impact

2.2. Move Fast

2.2.1. “Move fast and break things. If you never break anything, you’re probably not moving fast enough. At Facebook, we’re less afraid of making mistakes than we are of losing opportunities.”

2.3. Be Open

2.4. Be Bold

2.4.1. “In a world that’s changing so quickly, you’re guaranteed to fail if you don’t take any risks.”

2.5. Build Social Value

3. #1 Employer Brand (Glassdoor)

4. Hiring

4.1. Contest-Based Recruiting

4.2. Doesn't Require Degree

4.3. Acqui-hiring

4.3.1. Acquiring businesses primarily for the skills and expertise of its staff, rather than for its products or services.

4.4. CEO as its chief recruiter

5. Employee Accomodations

5.1. Gives employees opportunities to continue collaborating while not "working"

5.1.1. Free Shops

5.1.2. On-Campus Housing

5.1.3. Doctor's Office

5.1.4. Creative Outlets for Music and Art

5.1.5. Free Meals 2,400 employees at headquarters eat an average of 7,200 meals a day. Facebook Culinary Team accepts food requests from employees. Happy Hour every Friday

5.2. Allowing employees to express and improve themselves

5.2.1. Open- access gyms with free classes

5.2.2. Bikes and bike repair shops all over campus

5.2.3. Let out your steam/ creativity at the Analog Research Laboratory

6. Employee Benefits

6.1. New-Parent Benefits= An employee gets $4,000 for baby expenses when baby is born and $3,000 in babysitting expenses

6.2. Facebook also offers 21 days of paid time off each year (essentially a month off) for even new employees.

6.3. offers unlimited sick days —  you are rewarded for performance. To demonstrate your trust in your employees, what better  than to offer them unlimited sick days.

6.4. Rewards are based on performance — the goal is for employee rewards to be differentiated based on performance results and from data from its comprehensive coworker feedback process.

6.4.1. One internal source estimates that the reward differential between a bottom and top performer at the same level can be up to 300 percent