Quadratics & Linear used in Sports

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Quadratics & Linear used in Sports by Mind Map: Quadratics & Linear used in Sports

1. Quadratic - makes a parabola

2. Linear - A straight line on a graph

3. They both represent sets of data

4. Quadratic - associated with business and engineering

5. Together they can form a system

6. Linear is y = MX + B and Quadratic is Ax^2 + Bx + C

7. Cost of College is Linear

8. Running at a constant speed is linear

9. Playing golf is another sport associated with quadratics

10. When you play basketball you are dealing with quadratics

11. Types of Linear are using economics and finances which is dealing with money

12. A rollercoaster is another type of quadratic

13. Types of quadratics are McDonalds because of the M sign

14. Quadratics has 2nd differences

15. They are both polynomials

16. Linear has 1st differences