Eric Topol – The great inversion of medicine

Eric Topol on "The great inversion of medicine" at the TEDx SanFrancisco conference 2016.

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Eric Topol – The great inversion of medicine by Mind Map: Eric Topol  –  The great inversion of medicine

1. Eric Topol

1.1. Scripps Translational Science Institute Chief Academic Officer Physician

2. Total knee replace

2.1. Misdiagnosed for some years

2.2. OCD (Osteochondral Defect)

2.3. "You should be better than new after 4-6 weeks"

3. Physical therapy

3.1. 3 times a week

3.2. 1 hours per session

3.3. Exercises at home

3.4. Not working at all

3.4.1. Got worse

4. Final Diagnosis: Knee Arthrofibrosis

4.1. ...arthrofibrosis is a disaster...

4.2. Treatment of choice

4.2.1. Physical therapy

5. Rescue came last Sunday

5.1. Tried EVERYTHING before

5.1.1. Acupuncture

5.1.2. ...

5.2. Special Physical therapy

5.2.1. Individualized  Medicine

6. The possibilities of patient-centered medicine

6.1. "The patient, in fact, has to be understood as a unique human-being"

6.2. Individualized Medicine from Prewomb to Tomb

7. The Precision Medicine Initiative (by NIH)

7.1. Mayo Clinic

7.2. Vanderbilt University

7.3. The Scripps Research Institute

7.4. Provide the data to the right vendors

8. All leading to the Medicalizied Smartphone

8.1. Currently, average time to an appointment 2.6 weeks

8.2. Currently, 61 minutes waiting in the waiting room

8.3. Several companies working on bringing AI to medicine

8.4. UberDOC,...

8.5. Patient-Centered, Individualized Medicine