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MacDuff by Mind Map: MacDuff

1. Holy Avenger

1.1. When He attacks Macbeth's castle he is equated to christ

2. Discovers Duncan dead body

2.1. He is the first one after Macbeth kills Duncan to find Duncan's body , He reacts as if he lost a father.

3. Revenge

3.1. Family is killed by Macbeth

3.2. Title Is taken by Macbeth

3.3. In the Shadow of Macbeth

4. The most loyal character in the play

4.1. Macduff is the most loyal character in the play because he has the best moral standpoint compared to the other characters.

5. Thane of Fife

5.1. Is the Thane of Fife making him the same rank as Macbeth in the start of the play.

6. Has a Good Purpose

6.1. Macduff's reason for being is to avenge Duncan and be a hero in the play.

7. Opposite of Macbeth

7.1. If Macbeth is the Anti-hero. Macduff is the hero


8.1. "Either thou, Macbeth, Or else my sword, with an unbattered edge, I sheathe again undeeded. There thou shouldst be; By this great clatter, one of greatest note Seems bruited. Let me find him, Fortune, And more I beg not. (5.6.19-24)"

8.1.1. Macduff wants to avenge his family and his king, but he doesn’t seek power for himself. He doesn't want to rule fortune; he's content to be fortune's tool. Clearly, he's going to be the one to take down the boss.