The Way of the Seal - Key Ideas and applications in life

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The Way of the Seal - Key Ideas and applications in life by Mind Map: The Way of the Seal - Key Ideas and applications in life

1. Mental Rehearsal = Process Visualization

1.1. How to get yourself to execute flawlessly in face of challenges

1.1.1. Diet and Exercise

1.1.2. Making that sales call

1.1.3. Public Speaking

1.1.4. Difficult conversations

1.1.5. Product Launch

1.1.6. Approaching someone

1.1.7. Building your website

1.1.8. Doing what needs to be done - No matter what

1.2. Visualize the process

1.2.1. Don't just visualize the positive outcome. You also have to visualize the process

1.3. WOOP = Wish, Outcome, Obstacle, Plan

1.3.1. Rethinking positive thinking

1.3.2. Dr Gabrielle Oettingen

1.4. Exercise

1.4.1. Outline the steps 1 2 3 4 5

1.4.2. Visualize the steps 1. 2 3 4 5

1.4.3. Visualize yourself encountering challenging situations

1.4.4. Visualize yourself overcoming those challenging situations

2. Control Your Response - Arousal Control

2.1. Limbic Arousal?

2.1.1. In the midst of situations that feel threatening (Physically/emotionally/socially) Any situation where your performance is diminished because of the stress created by the situation Extremely Important Business Meeting Job Interview Important 1000, Million or 100 Million$ Product Launch with a deadline Making a Presentation Public Speaking Any situation where you could Succeed or Fail Win or Loose Everything is on the line High stakes Day-to-day stressors Fear of going up to talk to someone You are scared of getting rejected and it is increasing your anxiety Real or imagined threats Self doubt because you don't feel you are good enough

2.2. In face of negative emotional arousal

2.2.1. Sympathetic nervous system gets aroused Gloom and Doom Readies body for attack Constricts blood vessels Fight, Flight or Freeze 100,000 years ago - it was effective when we faced a lion or tiger in the jungles But our system responds similarly to any stressors - any time we feel there is any threat to our existence (physical or social) Increases blood pressure, heart rate Blood flow to large muscle groups - and away from Brain releases cortisol

2.2.2. We need to calm the sympathetic nervous(SNS) and activate the parasympathetic Nervous systems (PNS) PNS Redirects blood flow to our brains Reduced blood pressure, heart rate

2.3. Exercise for arousal control

2.3.1. Using rhythmic breath Universal cutoff switch for SNS Cut off for the Limbic system Activates PNS in 1-2 breaths Simple Breathing pattern 4 in 10 out

3. Dont 't be mentally positive while being emotionally negative

3.1. Our emotions are the ultimate indicator of where we are pointed

3.2. We must constantly re-orient our emotions towards the positive rather than just orienting our thoughts

3.3. Exercise

3.3.1. every 2-3 Hours

3.3.2. examine your feelings in the moment

3.3.3. Are they positive or negative?

3.3.4. Change the emotions to positive

4. Make "Mighty Effort" your core philosophy

4.1. You are capable of doing 20x better

4.2. Maybe even 100 or 1000x

4.3. Embrace the pain and hurt

4.3.1. You don't have to be amazing

4.3.2. You just have to be able to go through pain better than most people

4.4. Yoga

4.4.1. TAPAS = "mighty effort" Prepared warriors for battle Long term rigorous training

5. Beat negativity

5.1. Identify

5.1.1. Any negative thought

5.2. Stop it in your mind

5.2.1. Use a simple phrase like NO

5.3. Change 3 things

5.3.1. What you are focussing on

5.3.2. The words you are using

5.3.3. Body Language