eLearning Summit topics

Let’s invite eLearning professionals from around the company to an all day Summit. As a company we have folks designing, developing, purchasing and deploying eLearning all over the place. Six Sigma, F&H, HR, Nuclear, etc… I think we have a lot of collective wisdom on the subject that needs to be shared. My plan is to solicit volunteers from other Dominion organizations to present topics (we can do some too). To get the ball rolling we can propose topics and ask for volunteers to sp...

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eLearning Summit topics by Mind Map: eLearning Summit topics

1. SME Level of participation

2. Reviewing

2.1. Review Process

2.2. Feedback Process

2.3. Track Versions

3. Development

3.1. Development Process

3.1.1. How long does it take?

3.2. Development Strategies

3.2.1. Rapid Prototyping vs. ADDIE

3.2.2. Does a course already exist? Can we create an 'enterprise' course?

3.2.3. choosing the right tool for the content

4. Problems

4.1. Stumbling blocks

4.2. Delivery

5. Technology

5.1. Development Tools

5.2. Images; create or locate?

5.2.1. image editing for web

5.3. LMS

5.4. videos

5.5. file storage

6. Evaluation

6.1. online evaluation

6.2. Standard forms

6.3. evaluation process

7. Implementation

7.1. Keys to successful implementation

7.2. delivery to client & implementation strategy

8. Department organization

8.1. responsibilities of tech team

8.2. Team make up

8.2.1. Graphics

8.2.2. Animators

8.2.3. audio/video

9. Documentation

9.1. Docushare

9.2. MediaBin

10. Collaboration

10.1. Available tools

10.1.1. mindmeister

10.2. Blogs

10.3. MS Sharepoint

10.4. Wikis