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matter by Mind Map: matter

1. Pure Substance

1.1. Element

1.2. Compound

2. A mixture can be physically sepperated

3. Mixture

3.1. homogeneous mixture

3.1.1. colloid

3.1.2. solution

3.2. heterogeneous mixture

3.2.1. suspension

4. Pure Substances cannot be physically seperated

5. Element: made of one kind of atom

6. Compound : made of two or more atoms

7. Homogeneous: this type of mixture has a very uniform/evenly distributed substance

8. Hetergeneous: this type of mixture has a very un-uniform/un-evenly distibuted substance

9. Colloid: Particles are larger than that of molecules. has potential to scatter light

10. Solution: Particles of atoms, mixed together. wont scatter light

11. Suspension: solid in liquid is dispersed throughout.