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Presentation by Mind Map: Presentation

1. Through out my entire life I have always loved and played games . Some my favorite games as young kid  were Pacman, ratchet and clank, and Pokemon.As grew up I started playing  the multiplayer games like call of duty and halo. I would finish all the games I played in days.From all the experience I have had playing these games , I have always thought of ideas of how they change in the next sequel to improve them, to make them more  enjoyable but still be fun for the players.

2. audience

2.1. DICE

2.1.1. They believe in working as a team to think of new ideas for games.They also like to look back on past games to try to improve some ideas to make world class games.

2.2. riot

2.2.1. believes in player focused game development

2.3. rockstar

3. Tools

3.1. ZBrush

3.1.1. I want to try create  some kind of character and try to animate it for my presentation.

3.2. Final Cut pro

3.2.1. I will use final cut to create and edit a video for the presentation

3.3. Keynote

4. The Message I want to convey to the audience is that  I want help games that are more invovatated and different and not just like call of duty that is pretty much the something but in a different setting.

5. Obstacles: The biggest obstacle for me is to trying to learn how use ZBrush and figuring out how I am going to animate everything.I am trying to persuade my audience to think a little bit outside their line of work.

5.1. Solution

5.1.1. Their really is not a  a solution to my obstacles besides trying to have something else standout as a star moment besides the animation

6. The hardest part of this presentation is  just trying to make all the animations and everything I plan on doing for this presentation.

7. Star moments

7.1. Animation

7.2. The question at the end

8. Story

8.1. I will also talk about my journey through full sail

9. beginning

9.1. For the beginning I was going to create  a simple character (like stick figure ) and animate him walking forward, while I narrate. use

9.2. In this section I will talk about myself and My accomplishments.

9.3. I might try also may tell a story.

10. Middle

10.1. For the middle the stick figure character was going to change into something that looks better .Like if He evolved.

10.2. In this section I will talk about my qualifications, and how I got to where I am.

10.3. I will talk about all the softwares I have learned .

11. End

11.1. For the end I was going to make the character   evolve again to something better.(he will turn into a 3D character)

11.2. In the end i want to talk about  my ideas and what I would like to accomplish.

11.3. I will also talk about how they can be part of my ideas and how they will benefit them.

11.4. I will probably end it with a question