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NEW BELIEFS - Day4 by Mind Map: NEW BELIEFS - Day4


1.1. Dancing

1.2. Sharing 3 insights or breakthrough and ecstatic dance (emotions / feeling / experience) from yesterday.

1.3. VISUALISATION: imagine an 80 year old woman. How you see her: old OR radiant person

1.3.1. Power of the mind. Whatever we believe - it's real, it's happening to our health / body. Example of old Nun.

1.4. Nutrition

1.4.1. Where does energy come from - sun - nature - divine universe - exercise / movement - sleep / rest  - food  - water  - other people - breathing  - emotions / though - music Vital sources: 1. breath 2. water 3. sleep /rest or food

1.4.2. Cells Cells- the power house of the energy,  fundamental units of life. The energy level of your body is determined by the health of your cells Nutrition plays an important role in sustaining your cellular, and therefore your overall health. What makes cells unhealthy? Every day thousands of new cells are replicated from old ones. New cells are made to replace the old cells that become worn-out or damaged.

1.4.3. Elimination process Exhalation, sweating, bowels, lymphatic system Lymph - network of tissues and organs that rid the body of toxins, waste, and other unwanted materials. Garbage disposal of our body

1.4.4. EXERCISE: what believes do you have about your health <-> opposite to them. Write it in a sexy way

1.5. Massage

1.6. Balance

1.6.1. Our bodies have a natural balance of alkaline & acid. Alkaline/acid relationship - the pH scale goes from 0-14 (with acidic substances falling below 7 and basic substances falling above 7)

1.6.2. To keep the balance: drink lots of water, eat good food, etc.

1.7. Pyramid of Radiance

1.7.1. Appreciation / Celebration

1.7.2. Financial Abundance

1.7.3. Work, Career, Mission

1.7.4. Time

1.7.5. Relationship

1.7.6. Emotions and Meaning

1.7.7. Physical / Body / Energy

1.7.8. EXERCISE: go through of each of areas of Piramid of Radiance and write down the sexy believes

1.8. Food

1.8.1. Food is preventive medicine

1.8.2. Why do we eat? For energy, for pleasure, anxiety, connection, to do what we want to do, health

1.8.3. EXERCISE: write what you have eaten 24 h before the training. Share

1.8.4. Conscious eating - eating with awareness

1.8.5. Look at food as a source of energy. Light & vibrant food - more energy

1.8.6. Theres an idea that sickness happens to us. But because we are our perception, whatever we perceive becomes our health state.

1.8.7. 4 main poisons for body Processed fats Dairy Animal flesh Acid addictions (sugar, coffee, alcohol, nicotine)

1.8.8. EXERCISE: what does being healthy and vibrant means to you?

1.8.9. LUNCH BREAK: apply conscious eating - look at the food, chew more than what you usually would, concentrate on the taste in your mouth



2.1.1. Inspire and motivate others

2.1.2. Change is Most Important for Leadership

2.2. Being A Powerful Leader = Being A Powerful Servant

2.3. Be curious - still learning

2.4. Celebrate when you have a state of acidity (anger, irritation, annoence, etc) this means you are aware of it and you can transform it to a positive state

2.5. Great leaders are honest and transparent, and have high integrity

2.6. Massage


3.1. Game: get in a group of 4 and lead the others in a sexy dance

3.2. Idea of a bracelet - to be mindful when you complain

3.3. 5 Reasons Why People Complain:

3.3.1. To get social needs met

3.3.2. Get attention - to get social needs met

3.4. Definition of the complaint: Energetic statement focused on the problem at hand rather than the resolution sought

3.5. Complaining is like bad breath. You notice it coming out of someone else's mouth, but not your own

3.6. It's not complaining if you speak directly and only to the person who can resolve your issue

3.6.1. Saying the facts that are always neutral

3.7. Becoming complaint free is about practising heathy communication skills - the challenging things to say.

3.8. Whom are you being complaining to AND whom you should learn to talk to

3.9. We complain about what we DO NOT want instead of starting to talk what we DO want

3.10. Wrong aspects of the complaint

3.10.1. Complaining is a very low energy communication form.

3.10.2. Complaining is a competitive sport

3.10.3. Complaining keeps the focus on the problem NOT about solving the problem

3.10.4. Complaining damages health Happy people live 35% longer

3.10.5. Complaining destroys relationships Complaining to the spouse (it lowers the energy) and about the spouse (we define that person to ourself). It reflects negativity

3.10.6. Complaining is damaging for career

3.11. 5 Ways to Stop Complainers

3.11.1. 1. Get Attention When someone complains to get attention, turn the conversation around by asking positively, “What’s going well for you?” That way you can offer your support and attention while remaining positive. Whats going well?

3.11.2. 2. Remove responsibility People often try to remove responsibility by blaming other people and circumstances to justify their own lack of effort. When someone tries to remove responsibility, try asking, “If it was possible, how might you do it?” You can help open the complainer’s mind to considering possibilities rather than limitations.

3.11.3. 3. Inspire envy to make a negative statement about others to make themselves feel better. When someone complains to inspire envy, compliment that person for possessing the opposite trait.

3.11.4. 4. Power to build power for themselves and often times, to belittle and reduce another person’s power. When someone complains to you about someone else in order to gain power, invite that person to speak directly to the person being complained about. You can then create a space for communication and openness.

3.11.5. 5. Excuse poor performance A person complaining to excuse poor performance complains about circumstances after the fact to explain away failure. People have excuses for everything—from being late to missing appointments, excuses are everywhere. When someone complains to excuse poor performance, ask what he or she plans to do differently next time.

3.12. 21-Day Complaint Free Challenge

3.12.1. Go 21 days without complaining, criticizing or gossiping.

4. 10 Day Challenge

4.1. 1. Keep going with Complaint Free Challenge

4.2. 2. Eliminate acid poisons: caffeine, sugar, vinegar, alcohol, nicotine and drugs.

4.3. 3. In their place... go green! Concume at least 70-80% alkaline life giving foods.

4.4. 4. Take time every day to journal. Even if just for five minutes, right down how you feel, how you feel on this day.

4.5. 5. A movement practice of your choice, every single day.

4.6. 6. Priming: take 10 min and prime every single day:

4.6.1. i) 3 min 3 things you are grateful for

4.6.2. ii) 3 min healing breath

4.6.3. iii) 3 min 3 different scenarios: imagine, feel, see your ultimate self.   Where you imagine a category og your life, and dee your self playing out your role in a way that looks and feels execellent to you.