My fight Your Fight - Ronda Rousey

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My fight Your Fight - Ronda Rousey by Mind Map: My fight Your Fight - Ronda Rousey

1. The End of a Failed move is always the beginning of The Next ONE

1.1. 16 yr old fighter

1.1.1. 16 yr old fighter

1.1.2. Tried an armbar Opponent shifted and she couldnt execute it Frustrated?

1.1.3. But because the opponent had moved, she was now positioned to execute a different armbar As if she just landed in the middle of another move.

1.2. Most of us get frustrated when  something doesn't work

1.2.1. It is an Opportunity to try something different

1.2.2. Use it as an opportunity to create something new

2. Your circumstances don't define your feelings. You do

2.1. Cubicle v/s Beach

2.1.1. In your cubicle

2.1.2. At the Beach

2.2. The only thing that changed was the way you looked at it

3. This is my situation. But this is not my life

3.1. Homeless Olympic Medalist

3.1.1. Came back home from the Olympics after winning the Bronze Got $10K from US olympic committee Bought a car with the money

3.1.2. Got into an alteraction with her mom and hence could not go home

3.1.3. Slept in her car

3.1.4. Finally got herself a 12x12 apartment Rickety old with leaking sink

3.1.5. Worked as a bartender to survive

3.2. When you are in the middle of the hustle and nothing is working

3.3. This experience might be a defining moment in your life.

3.3.1. But you are not defined by it

4. Disregard Non-essential Information

4.1. The information you choose to take in and the information you choose to ignore is all up to you

4.2. By focussing to choose on information that is important to you, you can achieve a lot more in life

5. This is the sucky part of the book

5.1. Working at 24 hr fitness as a front desk girl

5.1.1. Worked countless hours Job to Job

5.1.2. Started driving after a night shift - 6 AM

5.1.3. Fell asleep while driving Smashed into another car

5.1.4. Felt beat down. Shaken up

5.1.5. Nothing in life was working

5.2. I am going to write a book - a biography one day

5.2.1. This is the part in the book where the character is going through rough times

5.2.2. Just get through the next few pages. It is going to have an amazing ending

6. Nothing will ever be perfect

6.1. Right before her First ever strikeforce Fight

6.1.1. Her dog bit her and drew blood Had to get stitches on the foot and arch Doctor said that the stitches would come apart as soon as she was hit

6.1.2. Was not ready to fight because you can't fight with stitches on you

6.1.3. Still made it into the fight by hiding those stitches from officials

6.1.4. Won the fight even though her foot was throbbing in pain

6.2. Principles

6.2.1. Don't wait for perfect circumstances to get started Just start And work on making the present the best it can be

6.2.2. You can wait your entire life for the perfect business/partner/job etc

6.2.3. Your learn to adjust in face of the obstacles

7. The greatest actors are not the biggest stars

7.1. Met Sylvester Stallone for Expendables - 3

7.2. She was concerned that she couldn't act

7.3. Sly said:

7.3.1. "The greatest actors are not the biggest stars"

7.3.2. A great actor can play any role in any situation But nobody lines up to see the critically best actors

7.3.3. They line up to see Al Pacino He is himself in every role He doesn tplay different people He is Al Pacino the cop Al Pacino the lawyer Al Pacino the gangster People fall in love with that character of you That's what makes you a star Thats what people line up for

7.3.4. Be yourself. Thats what stars are They are just themselves in  every situation you put them in

8. Harness your anger

8.1. Use it to motivate you

8.2. But dont let it consume you

9. Limitations become Opportunities

9.1. At 16 y/o

9.1.1. Tore her ACL while fighting

9.1.2. Doctor said - No competition for 6 months

9.1.3. Started feeling sorry for herself Mom forced her to start working out other parts of the body

9.1.4. Started working on other areas of fighting

9.1.5. Used to be a standup fighter Did not do much grappling/mat work Spent the whole yr doing mat work because she couldn't do much with her legs 1000s of armbars Now she has the deadliest arm bar

9.2. Principles

9.2.1. There is positive benefit from every negative thing that happens

9.2.2. Broke her right hand Developed a badass left hook

9.2.3. Had stitches on her foot days before her fight Was driven to end the fight FAST and definitively.

10. The Fight is Yours to win

10.1. Once you've conquered the worst things that can happen to you, there is no need to fear the unknown