Codes and Conventions of pop videos

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Codes and Conventions of pop videos by Mind Map: Codes and Conventions of pop videos

1. Setting

1.1. The setting that is generally used when filming pop videos are places such as London, New York and other places like Ibiza, Hawaii is also a popular destination for pop videos. All of these destinations are popular as they either have a high reputation for the party lifestyle, or have blue skies and sunny beaches, these all support the rich living lifestyle that is portrayed in pop music videos

2. Narrative/Audience

2.1. Generally, pop music videos contain an element of love. This is the because the target audience for pop is teenagers, this is also why there is an element of a party life style and going out with friends/socialising  take on the videos.

3. How are males presented

3.1. Male artists in their music videos are often portrayed as being attractive, wealthy and powerful. both male and females are  often promoting the dream life of moeny and power.

4. How are females presented

4.1. Generally, females in pop music videos are often objectified by males as a sexual 'object'. this is cleaerly done through the costumes used i.e. short skirts, low cut tops etc. this is all done to play into the idea of "male gaze"

5. Cinematography

5.1. The camera shots are sometimes used to show the audience aspects of the artist that are unique to the artist i.e. different hair colours and styles which will separate the artist from any others. items of clothing and accessories are also able to help the audience identify the artist

5.2. Camera shots are quick paced as they are supposed to be in time with the music

5.3. Many close up shots of the artists are used to show the artists face, this in turn helps sell the star image that the artist is selling. Close ups are also used to show emotions of the artist, as a lot of pop videos portray the idea of heartbreak, emotions pay a key part in the nature and narrative of the song

6. MES

6.1. The lighting in pop videos can vary from both high key and low key, high key would be when they are are set outside in a sunny are .e. beach and low key would be somewhere such as a club. The costumes used in pop can vary between male and female, males such as Pitbull would wear an expensive suit where as niki minaj could be wearing a bikini. Costumes will change depending on who their target audience is and what they are trying to portray.

7. Editing

7.1. The editing of a music video will depend upon the tempo/pace of the track. the faster the tempo, the faster the cuts will be, the slower the track, the slower the editing will become