TPACK brainstorm

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TPACK brainstorm by Mind Map: TPACK brainstorm

1. Technology

1.1. finding the best tool for the job, not just any tool

1.2. time to play with tools and evaluate their application

2. Pedagagy

2.1. If we know that it takes 15 minutes to transition from one task to another, how does (should) that impact the way we teach, and schedule our student's day?

3. Content

3.1. technology and content have always been intertwined

3.1.1. ie: printing press makes content available to the masses, not just the elite

3.1.2. Applications such as Wikipedia mean content can be added by anyone, and is not vetted.

3.2. reading on-line activates more brain regions, but uses lower level thinking skills

4. Creativity

4.1. Not necessarily inventing something entirely new, but tweaking something that already exists to make it more applicable to our existing need.

5. Websites to look into


5.2. Kinetic sculpture: Tao ______?