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Loneliness by Mind Map: Loneliness

1. Night

1.1. Holocaust-Where thousands of Jewish people parished by the Nazi's

1.2. World War II-Where Germany tried to take over the world and over nations got together to defeat the Germans.

1.3. Jews-People who's traditional religion is Judism

2. Religion

2.1. Ellie's belief in God soon changes when he sees babies being burned alive.

2.1.1. Ellie may lost faith in God but he believes there still is a God

2.2. Ellie soon asks God for help for his father to get strength and keep him from dying.

2.2.1. Soon after Ellie is not devoted to God anymore but becomes close by questioning him.

3. Lonely

3.1. After arriving in Buchenwald Ellie's father soon dies of dysentery and physical abuse.

3.1.1. Ellie's soon realizes he does want to be in this world anymore because he has nothing to live for.

3.2. Ellie struggles to keep his father alive and soon believes his father is a heavy burden limiting Ellie's chances of survival.

3.2.1. Ellie chooses to not to stay with his father when he is dying... after an hour of listening to his fathers calls.. the calls soon stop and Ellie goes to bed.

4. Ellie Wiesel

4.1. A twelve-year-old boy who's life is threatened by Nazi aggressors.

4.2. Spends much of his time studying.

4.3. Moshe the Beadle is his teacher

5. Auschwitz

5.1. A place where a concentration camp is where Jews who look fit and are able to work.

6. Birkenau

6.1. Is another "concentration" camp but really this is a place where a death camp is that Ellie's, mom and sisters are going to.