Alice in Wonderland Characters

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Alice in Wonderland Characters by Mind Map: Alice in Wonderland Characters

1. The Cheshire Cat

1.1. We first meet the Cheshire Cat on page 52 but he first speaks to Alice on page 56. Alice is asking him which way she should go. He isn't very helpful. He tells Alice she will see him later. Where will Alice see him? Click the play button to view the video after answering the question.

2. The Caterpillar

2.1. The Caterpillar is sitting on a mushroom smoking a hookah. He asks Alice who she is, and Alice has a very hard time answering him. He tells Alice what will make her grow and shrink. What is it that will make Alice grow and shrink?

3. The Mad Hatter

3.1. The Mad Hatter is an rude hatter that likes to frustrate Alice. What is the first thing that the Mad Hatter says to her? Click the play button to view the video after answering the question.

4. The March Hare

4.1. The March Hare is the Mad Hatter's tea-time mate.

5. The Gryphon

5.1. The Gryphon is a creature that is part lion and part bird. He is a servant of the queen. Who is taking Alice to see?

6. The Mouse

6.1. The Mouse is the first character Alice talks to in Wonderland. How does Alice scare the Mouse?

7. The Cook

7.1. The Cook is a servant of the Duchess. The Cook is very mean and throws things at the Duchess in the chapter Pig and Pepper. What is the Cook doing that is causing everyone to sneeze?

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10. Alice

10.1. Alice is the main character of the story. She is seven years old. She follows the White Rabbit to Wonderland where she meets all the other characters in the story. She finds Wonderland a curious place where things and ideas of her world don't make sense.

11. The White Rabbit

11.1. The White Rabbit leads Alice to Wonderland, exclaiming, "Oh dear, oh dear! I shall be too late!" The White Rabbit appears in other spots of the book too, can you think of where else the White Rabbit is in the story? Click the play button to view the video after answering the question.

12. The Queen of Hearts

12.1. The Queen of Hearts is the ruler of Wonderland. She is very rude and always shouts "Off with your head!" What game is Alice playing with the Queen? Click the play button the view the video after answering the question.

13. The Duchess

13.1. The Duchess is the queen's cousin. she is very rude to Alice, but quite nice to her later on in the story. What does the Duchess tell Alice about her right to think?

14. Alice's Sister

14.1. First we meet Alice's sister on the first page reading. It is at the end of the story that Alice and her sister talk. Alice's sister sends Alice on her way after waking her up. What does the sister think about at the very end of the story?

15. The Pigeon

15.1. The Pigeon see Alice after she has eaten the growing mushroom and thinks Alice is a serpent. What does the Pigeon think Alice is trying to steal?

16. Two, Five, and Seven

16.1. Two, Five, and Seven are playing card gardeners. They are very afraid of the Queen. What are they doing when Alice shows up?

17. Bill

17.1. Bill is a lizard. He is a servant to the White Rabbit and a juror at the trial at the Queen of Heart's court. What does Alice do to Bill? Click the play button after answering the question.