Anti-Human Trafficking in Thailand

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Anti-Human Trafficking in Thailand by Mind Map: Anti-Human Trafficking in Thailand

1. Thailand laws on Human Trafficking

1.1. Labour Protection Act (2008)

1.2. Child Protection Act (2003)

1.2.1. Immigration Act (1979).

1.3. Anti-Money Laundering Act (1999)

1.4. Immigration Act (1979).

1.5. Amendments to the Securities and Exchange Act (1992)

1.6. Prevention and Suppression of Prostitution Act (1996)

1.7. Criminal Procedure Amendment Act (1997

1.8. Penal Code Amendment Act (1997)

2. Corrupt Local Leaders: Police & Government Officials/Trading Agents

2.1. Teachers paid off

2.2. Temples paid off

2.3. Drivers paid off

2.4. Parents pad off - Promise the family child will be in good work such as housemaids, beauty salons, bars, restaurants, etc.

2.5. Airport immigration bribes

2.6. Doctor's paid to check for STDs

3. Human Trafficking Recruitment - Social Media

3.1. Are there any anti-social media efforts for human trafficking recruitment in Thailand?

3.2. Facebook, WhatsApp, LINE

3.3. False Job Advertisements

4. Types of Labor

4.1. Fishing Vessels

4.2. Brothels

4.3. Farms

4.4. What other forms of labor are these victims being forced into?

5. Anti-Human Trafficking Efforts

5.1. Safe-houses

5.2. Education about human trafficking on social media, tv and newspapers

5.3. Safe lines

5.4. Interviews/Investigations

5.5. What are some additional actions being taking currently to cut down on human trafficking crimes in Thailand?

6. Economical reasons for Human Trafficking

6.1. Poverty

6.2. Debt

6.3. Heroin/Amphetamines

6.4. No birth documents

6.5. Lack of Education

7. Existing NGOs/Organizations/Projects already in place for anti-human trafficking in Thailand

7.1. DEPDC

7.2. ECPAT

7.3. UN Inter-Agency Project on Human Trafficking in the Greater Mekong Sub-region

7.4. Unesco Bangkok

7.5. Asia Partnership for Human Dev.

7.6. FFW

7.7. Hotline Center Foundation

7.8. New Life Center

7.9. Thai Women of Tomorrow Project

7.10. Alliance Anti Traffic (AAT)

7.11. Asia Regional Trafficking in Persons Project (ARTIP)

7.12. Mirror Foundation, the Thai Labour Campaign (TLC)

7.13. World Vision Foundation of Thailand (WVFT)

7.14. International Organization for Migration (IOM)

8. United Nations policies and actions against human trafficking in Thailand

9. International Trafficking - Other Countries involved (since 1980s)

9.1. Myanmar (Burma)

9.2. Laos

9.3. Southern Provinces of China

9.4. Cambodia

9.5. Vietnam

10. Policies On Human Trafficking - Thailand and other countries

10.1. Operational Guidelines on the Prevention, Suppression, Assistance and Protection of Trafficked Persons for Labour Purposes, which lists procedures for labor officials to follow when they are dealing with human trafficking cases

10.2. Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of Thailand and the Government of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic on Cooperation to Combat Trafficking in Persons, especially Women and Children (2005)

10.3. Coordinated Mekong Ministerial Initiative Against Trafficking (COMMIT) Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation Against Trafficking in Persons in the Greater Mekong Sub-region (2004)

10.4. Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of Thailand and the Government of Cambodia on Bilateral Cooperation for Eliminating Trafficking in Children and Women and Assisting Victims of Trafficking (2003)

10.5. National memoranda of understanding relating to trafficking in women and children which contain common guidelines for government, and non government counter trafficking organisations in Thailand on how to work together to combat human trafficking

10.6. Regional memoranda of understanding relating to trafficking in multiple provinces in Thailand, which contain the operational procedures for victim rescue and assistance