Place Hampi

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Place Hampi by Mind Map: Place Hampi

1. theoretical positions

1.1. Archeology

1.1.1. Simmetrical archeology

1.1.2. Interpretive archeology embodiment re-enactment hermeneutics

1.2. Phenomenology

2. cross cultural studies

2.1. indian aestethics

2.1.1. "idols" interpretation

2.1.2. "arts" interpretation chromolitography

2.1.3. magical realism

2.2. anthropology

2.3. political history

2.4. etc

3. technology

3.1. PLACE: Demonstrator One

3.1.1. devices stereoscopic photographic panoramas rotating central platform single user interface image projected within a 9-meter diameter cylindrical screen

3.1.2. results immersion interactivity

3.2. AVIE: Demonstrator Two

3.2.1. devices script based actions of Computer Generated animation artificial intelligence symbolic logic cognitive programming full 360-degree stereoscopic projection within a 10-meter diameter cylindrical screen 24-channel surround sound

3.2.2. results interpretive virtual heritage co-presence co-evolutionary narrative multi user interaction

4. objective

4.1. visitor co-presence in the history of interpretation and engagement with representation of Hindu mithological landscape

4.1.1. tangible heritage devotional site: Vijayanagara, India

4.1.2. intangible heritage magical realism darshan site associated with myths and legend (pilgrim experience)