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Electricity by Mind Map: Electricity

1. Conservation of electricity

1.1. We need to start using more renewable energy sources

1.1.1. Renewable energy sources: Hydroelectric, wind, solar, etc.

1.1.2. Most of the electricity generated is generated by fossil fuels and that is affecting climate.

2. Usage in everyday Technology

2.1. Electricity is used in many things we use. It is used in things like your car, washing machine, fridge, computer, lights, and many other things. Usually if it lights up it uses electricity.

3. Voltage and current

3.1. Current is the flow and the voltage is the difference in charge between two points.

4. Static Electricity

4.1. Opposite charges attract. Like charges repel. Friction of fabric causes it.

4.1.1. The electricity is trying to find ground

4.1.2. Opposite static charges attract and like charges repel.

5. Circuits

5.1. I know that a circuit has to have a load, source and transport. There are two types of circuits, parallel and series.

5.1.1. Short circuits are dangerous circuits that have no load and only a source these circuits can catch fire if left on too long.

5.1.2. If one load burns out in a series the whole thing goes out, in a parallel this doesn't happen.