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props by Mind Map: props

1. locations:

1.1. busy city location we have chosen to use this as it is quite typical for a thriller film to be set in a big city and this is what our target audience wanted.

1.2. Back alley/long street we have chosen to use a back alley and street for where the victim has been hurt but the alley links onto other busy streets in london we have chosen this as we wanted to show that the suspect could be anyone in a big city location such as London.

2. objects needed:

2.1. Brief case for the detective to hold when investigating the case

2.2. an iPhone:- this is going to be used to show the unknown number ringing the iPhone which could be useful evidence for the detective.

2.3. crime investigation board: the crime investigation board is going to be used to show the possible suspects for the victims attack.

2.4. case file: the case file is going to be a list of the possible suspects and the history of the suspects if they have committed any criminal offences before.

3. clothing needed:

3.1. casual clothing needed for victim e.g. skinny jeans and a normal top

3.2. Inspector clothing:- clothing needed for the female detective such as long coat and a hat and brown leather boots