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Photography by Mind Map: Photography

1. Shallow depth of field

2. wide depth of field

3. Changing Depth of field

4. Aperture is the opening of the lens which allows light into the camera.

5. less light= f/22=longer shutter speed (raise ISO)                                             higher light=f/1.8=short shutter speed (low ISO)

6. The blades of the aperture are called the iris diaphragm as it mimics the iris of the eye. As the f/stop increases the iris diaphragm extends to create a smaller hole which will let in less light.

7. 3 elements that affect depth of field

8. The effect Aperture has on Depth of field. The smaller the aperture the longer the depth of field and the larger the aperture the shorter the depth of field.

9. Depth of Field: Describes the distance within an image where the closest and farthest objects are in clear focus. The distance of DoF is affected by 3 main factors: - Focal length - Distance of camera from the object(s) -  Size of the aperture

10. A

11. B

12. 3

13. A

14. The f/stop, also know as the f-ratio or f-number, is a camera setting which is used to adjust the size of the aperture. It is a quantitative measure of lens speed.

15. Our tests on Aperture. You can see that as we decreased the aperture the image got darker and the depth of field got longer.

16. - A setting on the camera which when altered changes the size of the iris diaphragm by manipulating the aperture blades

17. depth of field calculator

18. 1

19. 2

20. B

21. C

22. 1