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How to build habit-forming products by Mind Map: How to build habit-forming
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How to build habit-forming products

Nir Eyal, Author, "Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products"


The Hook

Connect the user's problem to your problem with enough frequency to create a habit

The toothbrush test by Larry Page

Don't touch a product that won't be used as often as a toothbrush

Not every business needs to build a consumer habit

Only if your business model requires a consumer habit to bring people back should you use a hook

Eg. uncertainty about what I should do today, financial stress, work place foam

Steps of the Hook


Tells the user what to do next

External triggers, "click here", "buy now", etc., it feels like magic when it has context, the closer together you can couple it with the internal trigger the more likely that external trigger will be responded to

Internal triggers, the information for what to do is stored as a memory inside the user's brain, eg. emotions, What is the internal trigger that brings your customer back?


The simpleset behaviour done in the anticipation of a reward, scroll on pinterest, share on fb, click a button on google

Shorten the distance between the recognition of the need and the reward


The user gets what they came for

Variability, variable rewards, eg. in your Facebook feed, it feels like pulling on a slot machine

Not all products need or can include the variability, if the internal trigger is boredom variability works, in situations where the user needs to be in control variability is bad


The user puts something into the product in anticipation of future reward

Makes the product better and better with every use

1. Load the next trigger, eg. notification on user triggered action

2. Store value, Physical things lose value with use, Habit forming technology should appreciate with use by collecting data, content, followers, reputation

It's not the best product that wins, it's the product that can capture the monopoly of the mind

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