x-ray machine

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x-ray machine by Mind Map: x-ray machine

1. tube head

1.1. tube

1.1.1. cathode(-ve)(source of electrons) filament tungusten focusingcup made of molybedenum

1.1.2. anode(+ve) target made of tungsten copper blok thermal conductor that allows efficientdissipation of heat generated during x-ray production

1.1.3. insulating oil remove the heat & prevent electric shock

1.1.4. metal housing 1- surrounding lead absorbs unwanted x-rays 2- surrounding glass tube supports & protect the tube&oil 3- small aperture opposite to the target from which the useful beam emerges

1.2. accessories

1.2.1. filter pure aluminium placed at the aperature of the x-ray tube types

1.2.2. collimator lead disc or cylinder with centeral aperture shapes & limits the beam size

1.2.3. cone(PID) indicating the direction of beam & sitting the distance from focal spot on target to the skin material shape length

1.3. power supply

1.3.1. current to heat the filament & potential differance to accelerate the electrons from cathode to anode step-down transformer from 220 to (8-12) V step-up transformer from 220 V to (60-90)KV

2. adjusting arm

3. control panel

3.1. on/off switch

3.2. timer

3.3. exposure time selector

3.4. warnning light or audibule signals