Plan to Pitch (Digital Cinematography employers) Valeria Hernandez Nieves Full Sail Univeristy

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Plan to Pitch (Digital Cinematography employers) Valeria Hernandez Nieves Full Sail Univeristy by Mind Map: Plan to Pitch  (Digital Cinematography employers) Valeria Hernandez Nieves Full Sail Univeristy

1. I. I'm making this presentation for the future of my career in the industry that pertains to cinematography.

2. II. As 2016 came to a close, there were so many aspects of living in America as a minority of many kinds that have left a lasting impact on my life - it has made me ache to tell stories of those affected. I want to resonate with people through films. I want the visual aspect of my work to guide viewers in and I want the content to glue them to their seats until the production is over.

3. III. I hope to have results where the audience from the presentation can see that I'm a passionate individual that doesn't give up or shy away from the truth of subject matters, that will make them feel comfortable even while bringing up topics that some may find hard to swallow. I want the audience to understand and inference that my passion makes me responsible, driven, and creative, also empathic and human. I want the audience to want to search for my content, ponder over the substance of my material, and be inspired to create their own.

4. True Message:

5. "Your Future Self"

5.1. I. I am unique because of my attitude towards others. I desire to be kind, empathetic, emotional, yet firm and determined to succeed. I come from a culture where it is normal for women to be stripped from their dreams/wishes because their "stronger" male counterparts - and I consistently challenge that normalcy.

5.2. II. The qualities that I bring that are different are: sympathy, exertion, unyielding ardor, enthusiasm, responsibility and even the opposite, pain and knowledge of melancholic misanthropy. Having had first hand encounters with that kind of subject matter, it serves as a driving factor to bring awareness to subjects, people, world-wide problems, etc.

5.2.1. On another note, my work has to be "immaculate", as I've adopted from Jon Cozart's Ted Talks about his YouTube career. If I don't feel like my work is where I like it to be, if it doesn't look visually appealing, and the content even less, I will never put it out for others to view. My work has to be perfect, or else I don't feel like I've done justice to myself, or my training.

5.3. III. The hardware and software skills I've attained over years of education: editing skills through Final Cut Pro, filming skills (angles, lighting, usage of different colors and props, etc), scriptwriting, storyboard, trailers, knowledge of video cameras, sound design, set etiquette, and completing reels, (etc).

5.4. IV. My speciality upon finishing my degree is creating scripts/storyboards, editing my films through Final Cut Pro, and most importantly to myself, the usage of lights and colors for ambience, the sound quality, and content of the story.

5.5. V. My unique interests derive from history that mirrors modern day, relationships (blood ties and ancestry, affinities, unrequited, etc), psychology, nostalgia, symbolism, happiness (think Disney related content), 'how things work', nature, adolescent life. (etc)

5.6. VI. Potential portfolio projects, goals, or internships I want to complete: -Project from start to finish.  -A portfolio with a diversity of moods (through lighting and symbolism) -Professional reel.

6. Target Audience: panel of film makers and visionaries that want to build a stronger, broader, and more current assembly of filmmakers, producers, directors, and entrepreneurs with skills, and most importantly, passion. This is directly linked to those that already have had years of experience in the film industry, and/or have their own business that pertains to making films.

6.1. What's in common?

6.2. -The audience and I share the desire to create.

6.3. -The audience and I want to explore ideas that will benefit them in the future.

6.4. -The audience wants to have a strong individual that understands, resonates, and is capable of doing outstanding tasks.

6.5. -The audience and I want to make a brand and mark the industry of cinematography.

6.6. Interesting points about this industry?

6.6.1. What skills/qualities does your industry look for?

6.6.2. -Adaptableness.

6.6.3. -Ability to think outside of the box.

6.6.4. -Ability to connect and resonate.

6.6.5. -Ability to market and become an entrepreneur with the vast trade.

6.7. -Psychology of a script, movie, and production.

6.8. -Incorporation of script-writing, art history, and visual storytelling.

6.9. Why do you find them interesting?

6.10. -Business and opportunity for entrepreneurship.

6.11. -"Change in technology" -Frank Smith (The Film Industry Today/Ted Talks)

7. Presentation Flow

7.1. Beginning: Introduction.  I will use this to set up the scene. It will employ the 'what' method from the Golden Circle. What am I doing here? I am here to show the brand that I represent and have established for myself - I want to show a bit of my personality as well as my history. (I.E: I was born in Puerto Rico. My mother, father, and I look incredibly American, but we're from an Island that speaks primarily Spanish. So we're too American for our native land, and too hispanic to be American), etc. I have something to prove.

7.2. Middle: Branding. I will use the 'how' method here. I came from a family of doctors and medical engineers and decided to never touch a single Grey's Anatomy book, or touch up on my engineering skills (I have none). I decided that while my parents and loved ones have dedicated their lives to helping people feel better, I wanted to do the same through story-telling. My brand promotes honesty, rawness, and emotion that every human can understand at one point in their lives. I am qualified because of my extensive research with the psychological aspect of humans through theater, and the cinematography component that helps illustrate and decorate emotions, life occurrences, stories, and still manages to deliver on a grand scale (reach people on a bigger network).

7.3. End: Why?  What I want to accomplish is a more wholesome equality. Storytelling is not exclusively made for people to enjoy, sometimes it's made for people to understand hard topics, sometimes it's made for education. I want to be a complete 'stereotype' to my audience, and by the end of it, I want to be completely opposite of what they thought of me. I want my audience to challenge what their pre-conceived notions are and find something they never would have seen. As a hispanic woman, I want to touch lives that have been affected by being a minority. I want to touch lives that have felt the pain of losing someone to violence, being purposefully persecuted (Pulse, Orlando). I want others to resonate with me because I believe sometimes the negativity that festers can be turned around in an 180 to create something that represents something positive (resilience).

8. S.T.A.R Moments: The important takeaways for the audience

8.1. -Pulse, Orlando. (This has resonated with me gravely since the occurance)

8.2. -Reminding audience that negativity festers more negativity. Resilience and  love conquer all.

8.3. Story-telling allows emotion, visual theatrics, and depth explanation to become one.

8.4. No one is allowed to alter true emotion. No one is allowed to take true passion away.