Cultural Diversity Management

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Cultural Diversity Management by Mind Map: Cultural Diversity Management

1. Focus on creating a Competitive Advantage

1.1. Cost

1.1.1. "inevitability-of-diversity" issue

1.1.2. organization continues to diversify the cost of a poor job in integrating workers will increase

1.1.3. implications in benefits work schedule

1.2. Resource Acquisition

1.2.1. "inevitability-of-diversity" issue"

1.2.2. consists in attracting and retaining excellent employees from

1.2.3. companies develop reputations on favorability

1.3. Marketing

1.3.1. are becoming as diverse as the workforce

1.3.2. companies with good reputations have correspondingly favorable public relations

1.3.3. culture has a significant effect on

1.4. Creativity

1.4.1. work team heterogeneity promotes creativity innovation

1.5. Problem-solving

1.5.1. heterogeneity produces better decisions more thorough critical analysis of issues best ways to solve problems

1.6. Organizational flexibility

1.6.1. system will become less determinant less standardized more fluid greater flexibility

2. Suggestions for Organization Change

2.1. Pluralism

2.1.1. reciprocal acculturation where all groups respect value learn from each other

2.2. Full Structural Integration of All Cultural Groups

2.2.1. seeking a good representation within the organization

2.3. Full Integration of Minority Culture-Group Members

2.3.1. in the informal networks of the organization

2.4. Absence of Prejudice and Discrimination

2.5. Equal Identification of

2.5.1. Minority Groups

2.5.2. Majority Groups

2.6. Minimum of Inter-Group Conflict based on

2.6.1. race

2.6.2. gender

2.6.3. nationality

2.6.4. other identity groups of organization members

3. Spheres of Activity

3.1. Organization Culture

3.1.1. valuing differences

3.1.2. prevailing value system

3.1.3. cultural inclusion

3.2. HR Management Systems

3.2.1. recruitment

3.2.2. training and development

3.2.3. performance appraisal

3.2.4. compensation and benefits

3.2.5. promotion

3.3. Higher Career Involvement of Women

3.3.1. dual career couples

3.3.2. sexism and sexual harrasment

3.3.3. work-family conflict

3.4. Heterogeneity in Race/Ethnicity/Nationality

3.4.1. effect on cohesiveness communication conflict morale

3.4.2. effects of group identity on interactions e.g. stereotyping

3.4.3. prejudice racism ethnocentrism

3.5. Education Programs

3.5.1. improve public schools

3.5.2. educate management on valuing differences

3.6. Cultural Differences

3.6.1. promoting knowledge acceptance

3.6.2. taking advantage of the opportunities that diversity provides

3.7. Mind-Sets About Diversity

3.7.1. problem or opportunity?

3.7.2. challenge met or barely addressed?

3.7.3. level of majority-culture buy-in (resistance or support)

4. Transforming Traditional Organizations into Multicultural ones

4.1. Leadership

4.2. Training

4.3. Research

4.4. Analysis and change of culture and human resource management systems

4.5. Follow up