Static Electrcity

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Static Electrcity by Mind Map: Static Electrcity

1. Electric field

1.1. Electric field line

1.2. Drawing steps

1.2.1. Step 1 Lines must start from positive charges to negative charges.

1.2.2. Step 2 Cannot cross two field lines.

1.2.3. Step 3 The number of lines drawn leaving a positive charge or ending on a negative charge is proportional to the magnitude of the charge

2. Laws of Electrostatic

2.1. There are two types of charges

2.1.1. Positive

2.1.2. Negative

2.2. Laws of charges

2.2.1. Unlike charges attract , while like charges repel

2.3. SI unit for charge : coulomb(C)

3. Principles of electrostatic

3.1. Charging by rubbing

3.1.1. When atom that loses an electron it is now a positive ion, and when the atom receives an electron, it is a negative ion

3.2. Charging by induction

3.2.1. When charging by induction, the neutral metal spheres will gain equal amounts of opposite charge at the end of the process.