Meditation Class

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Meditation Class by Mind Map: Meditation Class

1. Participants. Be Responsive to: 1. Number of Participants 2. Level, Readiness, Openness, Background + Experience of Participants.

2. Agenda

2.1. Introduction

2.2. Why/Pain Point

2.3. Verbal Response to Pain Point

2.4. Embodied Self-Connection Practice in Response to Pain Point

2.5. Guided Co-Meditation

2.6. Reading of Mind Whispering/Surrender Experiment/Etc.

2.7. Play Noticing Game + Other Games

2.8. Feedback Request

2.9. Ending Blessing for the World

3. Announcements Private Sessions Join Facebook Group

4. Be Relevant to Client's Actual Challenge + Pain/Suffering Be Credible Be Vulnerable Be Resonant Be Relatable

4.1. Curved Spine for Better Listening

4.2. Straight Spine and Speak from Heart-Note for Better Speaking.

4.3. Always ask Good Questions and Respond in a Relevant Way.

4.4. Sign Up Sheet: Ask for Email + Phone Number

4.5. Invite for Further Private Coaching if needed and/or desired

4.6. Use Mode-Locking to provide Emotional Stability and Emotional Alchemy

5. Read and Discuss: 1. Power of Now 2. Surrender Experiment 3. More Beautiful World 4. Shift Into Freedom 5. Full Body Presence 6. Promise Ahead 7. Seven Thousand Ways to Listen 8. Mind Whispering: A New Map to Emotional Freedom from Self-Defeating Emotional Habits  We may not read all of these books. But these are the Source Materials

6. Power of Now Surrender Experiment More Beautiful World Mind Whispering Full Body Presence Inner Bridges Shift Into Freedom Uzazu Feldenkrais Inspired Movements Inspired Co-Creation, Co-flowing and Co-Being

7. Saturday November 19th, 2016

7.1. Book we will use: Mind Whispering:

7.2. Read Chapter 1 Lotus Effect Sections: "Patterns that Connect" "A New Lens on the Mind"

7.3. Read Chapter 9 "The Art of Whispering" Sections: Introduction "A Wise Choice" "A Calming Pause" "What does this Mode Need?" "The Habit of Habit Change" "I Am Not My Modes"