Product Launch

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Product Launch by Mind Map: Product Launch

1. Marketing

1.1. Create promotional material

1.2. Create social media launch campaign

1.3. Set up a blog

2. Website

2.1. Create product video

2.2. Design pricing page

2.3. Design landing pages

2.4. Design homepage

3. Sales

3.1. Set up training program for sales reps

3.2. Create sales guide

3.3. Set revenue targets for launch period

4. PR

4.1. Brainstorm press story

4.2. Identify key influencers

4.3. Invite influencers to test product

4.4. Send press release

5. Support

5.1. Set up help desk on Zendesk

5.2. Train support staff

5.3. Create a user forum

5.4. Write scripts for tutorial videos