Achieving Your Goal - for children

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Achieving Your Goal - for children by Mind Map: Achieving Your Goal - for children

1. Step five. Complete the goal through an activity based lesson.

2. Lesson plan preparation

2.1. Prepare the student

2.2. Before each activity

2.2.1. Chart Checklist

3. Step Four. List tools and resources needed for the goal.

4. Step two: Establish a Goal Time Frame.

5. step one: Identify the Goal

6. Step three. Identify participants in the goal and roles

7. Lesson Plan Objectives

7.1. Methods of evaluation

7.1.1. Self evaluation

7.1.2. Observational evaluation

7.1.3. Peer Evaluation

8. Identifying the Goal

8.1. Ask Questions

8.1.1. Why

8.1.2. What

8.1.3. Who

8.1.4. When

8.1.5. Where

8.1.6. How

8.2. Dream or Goal