Identifying Me

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Identifying Me by Mind Map: Identifying Me

1. Race (Xiangyi)

1.1. Name of activity: Exploring different races in Singapore

1.1.1. Exploring different races in Singapore

1.2. Instructions: 1. Find a Friend of another race. 2. Outline their hands with different Colours that represent their race. 3. Decorate their hands with any designs (eg henna, holding dumplings etc)

1.2.1. 1. Find a friend of another race

1.2.2. 2. Outline their hands with different colours that represent their------

1.3. Technique: Chalk etching

1.3.1. Chalk etching

1.4. Art form: Drawing, prints

1.4.1. 3. Decorate the hands with any designs (eg. Henna, holding dumplings etc.)

1.4.2. Drawings

1.4.3. Prints

1.5. Medium: Chalks, white drawing block paper

1.5.1. Chalks

1.5.2. White drawing block paper

1.6. Element: Colour and shape

1.6.1. Colour and shape

2. Age (Melanie)

2.1. Name of activity: What I wish to achieve

2.2. Instructions: 1. Get the children to sit in small groups and give each child a drawing block. 2. Give each group paints. 3. Get the children to use their fingers to do a timeline painting of what they wish to achieve from their current age till 12 years old.

2.3. Technique: Finger painting

2.4. Art forms: Drawing

2.5. Medium: Drawing blocks, paint

2.6. Element: shape, Colour

3. Nationality (XinYu)

3.1. Name of activity: This is my home

3.2. Instructions: 1. Children will be given a piece of drawing block. 2. They will be asked to draw the country they were born in. 3. Children will be given chalks, sticks and leaves. 4. They can use their chalk to draw the structures and do chalk etching, and decorate it with sticks and leaves.

3.3. Technique: Chalk etching, nature collage

3.4. Art form: Drawing, Creative expression

3.5. Medium: chalk, sticks and leaves, tissue paper, drawing block

3.6. Elements: shapes, lines