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1. Captured

1.1. Todorov

1.2. The Action: However, this is made even more difficult due to the agents lives being intertwined with the mafia's horrific plans. Roseline, an agent and the hero of the movie, has to fight for justice but complicates and prolongs victory as she has to oblige to the mafia's requests.Her son, Leonardo, has been captured. Roseline ends up taking on the role of the hero and villain in attemps to finally see her son again and defeat the ring leader of the mafia, Leonardo's father.

1.3. Characters: Two protagonists, one villain, helpers and civilians.

1.4. Settings: One scene in London, one scene in an office.

2. HeartBeat

2.1. The Base: Tyler has been implanted a time bomb instead of a heart after a motorcycle incident which keeps him alive. The bomb will not cause him any harm if he simply obeys El Pedro, his 'resurrecting father', as Pedro likes to be called.

2.2. The 'Action within the plot: Tyler's disobedience towards being told to commit a murder causes the bomb to activate - there's a way to deactivate it without causing an explosive massacre. On a quest to refind El Pedro, and shut down the device, he only has 40,000,000 heart beats to go. This is over a week, however Tyler is in no knowledge of El Pedro's whereabouts. Moreover, Tyler has to struggle to escape Pedro's helpers whom have been commanded to kill him.

2.2.1. Characters: Tyler, the hero and El Pedro the villain are the main protagonists.

2.2.2. Setting: Tyler's bedroom. The main action would take place around London.

3. The Missing Piece:

3.1. Kyla's sister, Meghan, committed suicide the night before. Whilst grieving, an enigmatic person enters Kyla's life revealing that in fact, Meghan was killed. Kyla and Ben, a person who is still a stranger to her, go on a quest to find out who Meghan's killer is. A love story is formed and Kyla discovers her sister's true identity. The missing piece of Kyla's sister's perplexing death is found - the guy who Kyla falls in love with, Ben, pulled the trigger towards Maghan's face.

3.2. The Action: A Thriller Action movie which is a type of chase film as Kyla goes chasing for her sister's murderer.

3.3. Characters: Kyla and Ben (the stranger) are the two protagonists of the movie. Other characters are minor ones.

3.4. Settings: Unknown setting for the audience - an abandoned park would be the setting of the opening sequence.