Doctor Faustus

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Doctor Faustus by Mind Map: Doctor Faustus

1. General Info

1.1. Type: Play

1.2. Genre: Tragedy

1.3. Date of publish: The A text published in 1604, the B text in 1616

1.4. Language: English

2. Author

2.1. Name: Christopher Marlowe

2.2. Nationality: English

2.3. Date of birth: 1564

2.4. Date of death: 1593

3. Settings

3.1. Time: The 1580s

3.2. Place: Germany and Italy

4. Characters

4.1. The protagonist: Faustus

4.2. The antagonist: Mephastophilis

4.3. Old man

4.4. Wagner

4.5. Good angel

4.6. Bad angel

5. Themes

5.1. Sin, redemption and damnation

5.2. The struggling inside human beings

5.3. Wisdom and knowledge

5.4. Power

5.5. Wealth

6. Plot

6.1. Conflict: A deal with the devil to have power and knowledge.

6.2. Complication: the confusion of Faustus about making the right decision.

6.3. Climax: signing the deal with the Lucifer.

6.4. Suspense: the will of Faustus to repentance and his second chance to repent.

6.5. Denouement: Faustus' time is about to end and his doom is getting closer and closer.

6.6. Conclusion: Faustus' time is up and he is going to Hell.