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Doctor Faustus by Mind Map: Doctor Faustus

1. Author

1.1. Name: Christopher Marlowe

1.2. Nationality: English

1.3. Date of birth: 1564

1.4. Date of death: 1593

2. Settings

2.1. Time: The 1580s

2.2. Place: Germany and Italy

3. Themes

3.1. Sin, redemption and damnation

3.2. The struggling inside human beings

3.3. Wisdom and knowledge

3.4. Power

3.5. Wealth

4. General Info

4.1. Type: Play

4.2. Genre: Tragedy

4.3. Date of publish: The A text published in 1604, the B text in 1616

4.4. Language: English

5. Characters

5.1. The protagonist: Faustus

5.2. The antagonist: Mephastophilis

5.3. Old man

5.4. Wagner

5.5. Good angel

5.6. Bad angel

6. Plot

6.1. Conflict: A deal with the devil to have power and knowledge.

6.2. Complication: the confusion of Faustus about making the right decision.

6.3. Climax: signing the deal with the Lucifer.

6.4. Suspense: the will of Faustus to repentance and his second chance to repent.

6.5. Denouement: Faustus' time is about to end and his doom is getting closer and closer.

6.6. Conclusion: Faustus' time is up and he is going to Hell.