Westside Artwalk Ventura's aRt Evolution July 23rd, 24th

A personal view of questions asked at the "All Arts Stake Holders Meeting, Ventura, CA February 3, 2011

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Westside Artwalk Ventura's aRt Evolution July 23rd, 24th by Mind Map: Westside Artwalk Ventura's aRt Evolution July 23rd, 24th

1. The problem with old artwalk

1.1. No acquired taste when it always tastes the same.

1.2. We must change and DRIVE new culture

1.3. Get over the sleepy beach town mentality of people expecting Plainair painting, surf photography, swapmeet-feel, fair, etc.

1.4. CURATE the ART rather than business decisions

2. Who else Needs to be engaged?

2.1. Security

2.2. Artists

2.3. Bartenders

2.4. Community workers

2.5. Free / Deep shuttle service to LA, SB

2.5.1. Car pooling ride board


4. What would represent success?

4.1. $ for artists

4.2. Great art

4.3. Import Art, stop being so "local"

4.3.1. Local artists ask friends to show with them

4.3.2. Social networking / contests

4.3.3. Professional promotional materials

4.4. Europe / Vegas / New Orleans Streets

4.4.1. Allow people to drink and walk

4.4.2. 3 drink Tear-off bracelet ID's for safety / liability

4.4.3. Go car-free (green)

4.5. Self funding event

4.5.1. Block streets

4.5.2. opportunity to ask for donations at street check points (sticker system)

5. What are the initial steps?

5.1. Decide hierarchy or ball/stick organizational model

5.2. Decide which type of market are we planning to attract.


5.3. Create a new image (party first, art second)