Dangerous Situations

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Dangerous Situations by Mind Map: Dangerous Situations

1. The impact

1.1. Fights/Bullying

1.1.1. Victim Bullying can lead to emotional stress, suicidal thoughts, physical injuries Getting into a fight could cause you to get injured or even die or cause harm to another person

1.1.2. Accuser Bullying and fights could leave you with emotional problems Bullying and Fights Might have physical injuries Bullying and fights could get in huge trouble

1.1.3. Bystander Might also be bullied for witnessing it happen for both bullying and fights Fights and Bullying could have some physical injuries In both fights and bullying you could become a the Victim them self

1.2. Giving away personal information

1.2.1. Victim Giving away information could possibly lead to stalking, kidnapping or spamming

1.2.2. Stalker Could get caught by police

1.2.3. Bystander Could possibly lose a friend for not intervening Could have problems too like stalking

1.3. Doing illegal stuff

1.3.1. Victim Could be if you participate in something illegal, could cost you big or you could possibly go to jail

1.3.2. Bystander Could get in trouble with police for witnessing it

1.4. Playing dangerous sports

1.4.1. Victim Could get serious injuries Could die

2. The roles of services

2.1. Parent or guardian

2.1.1. Can help in situations like if you are being bullied or having a tough time

2.2. Kids help phone

2.2.1. Can help with suicidal thoughts and problems like bullying

2.3. A friend or trusted person

2.3.1. Can just comfort you in hard times

2.4. The police

2.4.1. Can help solve a big problem usually illegal

3. Ways it could occur and solutions

3.1. Participating in dangerous activities

3.1.1. Try and avoid dangerous activities

3.1.2. Wear protective gear

3.2. Doing something illegal

3.2.1. Find a way around it or just don't do it

3.3. Giving away personal information

3.3.1. Don't tell stuff to strangers and just don't talk to strangers

4. High risk situations and solutions

4.1. Doing drugs

4.1.1. Only take drugs prescribed to you by a doctor

4.1.2. Just don't do them at all

4.2. Participating in illegal activities

4.2.1. Tell someone if not on purpose

4.2.2. Try and avoid

4.2.3. Don`t do it at all

4.3. Playing dangerous sports

4.3.1. Try and protect you body, head, back, eyes, ect

4.3.2. Change sports to a more safe sport

4.4. Fights

4.4.1. Try and use your word

4.4.2. Don't provoke a fight