Persuasion 6 Short Cuts

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Persuasion 6 Short Cuts by Mind Map: Persuasion  6 Short Cuts

1. Consistency

1.1. Looking for and asking for commitments that can be made

1.2. Drive Safely Campaign

1.2.1. 4x willing to put the wooden sign

1.3. Look for voluntary, active, public commitments

1.3.1. Get them in writing 18% reduction in missed / canceled health appt visits by simply having the patient write down the appt details on the "Future Appt Card"

1.4. Are you asking the trial closes?

2. Authority

2.1. People will follow credible knowledgeable experts

2.1.1. PT's are able to get more compliance if they display their diploma's in their rooms.

2.1.2. People will give change more often to a stranger if they are in a uniform then casual clothes

2.1.3. This boils down to - You have to assert you are "CREDIBLE" before you can assert your influence attempt!

2.2. Signal that you are an authority by getting someone else to say you are

2.2.1. Research shows that it does not matter if the person is tied to you & has the possibility to benefit from the introduction.

2.2.2. Real Estate = had the receptionist direct to the proper agent with the "credentials" of the agent shared before they sent them over. 20% increase in appointments 15% rise in signed contracts

2.3. Who else can proclaim your authority?

3. Reciprocity

3.1. Obligation to give back in form the product, service or gift they receive.

3.2. The Term - Much Obliged - obliged to give back !

3.3. People are more likely to say yes to people they OWE!

3.3.1. Restaurant example "MINT" 1 mint 3% 2 mints 14% 1 then give a 2nd 23%

3.4. Be the first to give

3.5. Give something personalized & unexpected

3.6. What can you give to begin the conversation?

3.6.1. Sincere Compliments

4. Scarcity

4.1. People want more of what they can't have

4.2. Promote

4.2.1. Benefits The 2x daily concord flights - BA going to cancel.. sales soared.. why- it was going away. Can't just be about Benefits

4.2.2. Uniqueness

4.2.3. What they stand to lose

4.3. Highlight the value because of rarity?

5. Liking

5.1. People perfer to say yes to the people they like.

5.2. What causes People To Like someone -

5.2.1. 3 Important factors People who are similar Pay us compliments Cooperate with us

5.2.2. MBA Study 1st group - Time = Money 55% came to an aggrement 2nd Group - Create Relationship 90% came to an agreement

6. Why We FAIL At Persuasion

6.1. Over whelmed in decision process

6.2. What is persuasion?

6.2.1. The saying YES to the request of others

6.3. Been studied for 60 years

6.4. Available information has little effect to influence someones decision making process

6.5. 6 universal rules

7. Consensus

7.1. When uncertain, people will look to the actions of others to determine their own (heard mentality)

7.2. They want to know that someone "similar" has made this decision before them.

7.3. Hotel - Towels

7.3.1. With the hanging card - 35% when explaining the environmental benefits

7.3.2. 75% who are there 4 days or more will reuse their towles

7.3.3. Now change the sign - 75% of our guests reuse their towels - had a 26% rise in reuse.

7.3.4. POWER OF WORDS - 75% of the people who stayed in this room reuse their towels 33% INCREASE in reuse

7.4. We can now point to what others are doing!