Static Electricity

by brandon low 4H1 (22)

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Static Electricity by Mind Map: Static Electricity

1. principles of Electrostatics

1.1. charged by rubbing

1.2. charged by induction

2. hazards and applications of electrostatics

2.1. hazards

2.1.1. may cause flamable liquids to ignite like petrol trucks

2.2. applications

2.2.1. photocopier

2.2.2. laser printer

2.2.3. paint sprayig

3. laws of electrostatics

3.1. posetively charged

3.1.1. attracks negatively charged particles and repels posetively charged ones

3.1.2. glass (rubbed with silk)

3.1.3. prespex(rubbed with wool)

3.2. negatively chaged

3.2.1. rubber (rubbed with fur)

3.2.2. amber (rubbed with fur)

3.2.3. polythene(rubbed with wool)

3.2.4. attracks posetively charged particles and repels negatively charged ones

4. electric field

4.1. the lines mst begin from posetive charges and end on negative chages

4.2. the nuber of lines drawnlaving a posetive charge or ending on a negative charge is porportional to the magnitude of charge

4.3. no two field lines can cross each other