Traditional Literature

Grade 2: Our brainstorm about the genre of traditional literature

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Traditional Literature by Mind Map: Traditional Literature

1. Legends

2. Folktales

2.1. Fairy Tales

2.1.1. Elements Magic Snow White: Waking up from long sleep Sleeping Beauty: Putting palace to sleep for 100 years Sleeping Beauty: Magic Spindle Rapunzel: Tears cure blindness Rumplestiltskin: Amazing powers (straw into gold) Magical Characters Fairy Godmother Witches, Socerers Talking animals Elves Transformation Frog turns into Prince Beast turns into Prince Brothers into Ravens (Seven Ravens) Rats into Coachman "Once Upon a Time" beginning & "Happily Ever After" ending

2.1.2. Authors Hans Christian Anderson Ugly Duckling Little Match Girl Tinderbox Steadfast Tin Soldier Thumbellina The Little Mermaid The Snow Queen The Emperor's New Clothes New node The Brothers Grimm Snow White Sleeping Beauty Cinderella Beauty and the Beast The Elves and the Shoemaker The Brave Little Tailor Little Red Cap (Little Red Riding Hood) Rapunzel Hansel and Gretel The Seven Ravens

2.2. Trickster Tales

2.2.1. Elements Celebrate cleverness needed to overcome strength African roots Animal Characters Pattern of three tries World-wide The Americas Asia Africa

2.2.2. Characters Brer Rabbit Uncle Remus: Ananse

2.3. Tall Tales

2.3.1. Elements Grain of truth Paul Bunyan was a real woodcutter Exaggeration in Paul Bunyan The dog was sewn together backwards The ox was blue and was giant PB was so huge that he was bigger than the trees PB knocked down trees when he rolled over as a baby PB got carried by seven storks They had to deliver his pancakes by train The dinner table at his logging camp was 10 miles long The river blocked up logs with its hands PB used blizzards to freeze the river and used the ox to pull it straight PB cried so loud as a baby he had to be pulled by a ship, frogs covered their ear with earmuffs, and fish jumped out of the water They made a soup by putting beans into the lake The purple cow wore green glasses to make the snow look like grass, and in the winter her milk came out like ice cream It was so cold that their words and shadows froze and everything turned blue

2.3.2. Characters American Continent Johnny Appleseed John Henry Paul Bunyan Pecos Bill Davy Crockett African Continent

3. Folk Rhymes

4. Myths

4.1. From many regions

4.1.1. Greek

4.1.2. Roman

4.1.3. Norse

4.1.4. Native American

4.1.5. Asia

4.2. Elements

4.2.1. Explain the Natural World

4.2.2. Explain human emotions

4.2.3. Teach lessons