The Sniper VS Just Lather, That's All

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The Sniper VS Just Lather, That's All by Mind Map: The Sniper VS Just Lather, That's All

1. Climax

1.1. The sniper fooling his enemy sniper, he use the cap and refile to makes the other sniper think that he is died and then he could easily shoot and killed his enemy.

2. Theme

2.1. Human being and violence.

2.1.1. During the civil war time the war reduces human beings to mere objects. To be more specific is that there is no names, no faces. That they are just targets and nothing more, to be shot at from a distance. ---- Liam O'Flaherty (I totally agree with it.)

2.1.2. War knows no boundaries, age, gender, location, time of the day or family ties. The story opens the eyes to hatred and violence which made a brother kill a brother. Violence is no means to an end. ---- Liam O'Flaherty (I strongly agree with this opinion.)

3. Setting

3.1. Civil War

3.2. During war time, the sniper is trying to killed all his enemy especially the other sniper.

4. Characters

4.1. The sniper

4.1.1. cold

4.1.2. Clever

4.1.3. Loyal to his own army

4.1.4. sophisticated shooting skill

4.2. enemy sniper

4.2.1. clever

4.2.2. have a strong shooting skill

5. Plot

5.1. People VS people

5.1.1. The sniper is fighting with his opponent sniper physically and psychologically. Physically: He was killed the enemy sniper. Psychologically: He used his cap and rifle to pretend he had killed him and then he finally killed his brother.

6. Setting

6.1. In the story the Captain Torres comes to Barbar shop for shaving his beares

6.2. The barber is tries to killed the Captain Torres

6.3. War time

7. Charateres

7.1. The Barber

7.1.1. Selfless

7.1.2. Moral

7.1.3. justice

7.1.4. logic

7.1.5. Claming

7.1.6. Clever

7.2. Captain Torres

7.2.1. Cruel

7.2.2. courage

7.2.3. Esteem

7.2.4. intelligent

8. Plot

8.1. The Captain Torres comes to the Barber shop because he was heard that the barber wants to kill him. He comes here to find out whether the barber would kill him or not.

8.1.1. People VS People Barber is fighting and struggling with himself. Killing is not a easy thing. The barber find out it is not to deiced a person's live or not. Killing people is not a moral things, but killing a person who would killing people any time , who would killed more people, it that moral or not?

9. Climax

9.1. Conflict

9.1.1. The barber was thinking back and forth to decide whether he killed the captain or not .

9.1.2. It is the barber struggle with himself psychologically.

10. Theme

10.1. Hero or murderer? To be or Not to be?

10.1.1. The barber would not kill the captain because he want his work performance honorable.

10.1.2. If he killed the Captain Torres he would be found out easily, but could save other people from being killed.