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Brainstorming by Mind Map: Brainstorming

1. What does "develop a leadership plan" look like to you?

1.1. Coming up with goals and ideas about how to lead in the future

1.1.1. Do you feel empowered to do this? What can you do to accomplish this?

1.2. Understanding the direction you are going in order to lead towards that

1.3. To find your leadership visions and goals, what type of leader you want to be, and how to accomplish them.

2. What do you value most from leadership?

2.1. Open Dialogue

2.2. Positive Directions

2.3. Decision making and assistance

2.4. Communication

2.5. Honesty & Integrity

2.5.1. Be open each other

2.5.2. Keep promises and fulfilling expectations

2.5.3. Turstworthy

2.6. Passion & Enthusiasm

2.6.1. Innovations

2.6.2. Creativity

2.6.3. Encouragement

3. How are you interested in growing your leadership?

3.1. Interested to a point, long term goal to provide more leadership.

3.2. Additional opportunities and personnel to lead

3.3. Leadership training

3.4. Taking on major work projects

3.4.1. Looking for opportunities that stretch my leadership skills

3.4.2. Improve my think of ways

3.4.3. Learn from experiences and mistakes

3.5. Identifying my strengths and weaknesses as a leader

3.5.1. Leadership development

4. What other leadership issues do you want to see addressed?

4.1. Everyone need to have leaderships

4.1.1. Understanding that job titles don't matter, each member is a leader

4.1.2. Stay flexible and positive and think what is the best for everyone.

4.1.3. Bring high energy, commitment and enthusiasm in the positive way.

4.2. Idea 3

5. How would you develop a better team report-out?

5.1. Not sure what this means?

5.1.1. Reporting out to our team on how what you are doing, what you need, team updates, etc.

5.2. What is a report-out?

5.3. Idea 3

5.4. Brainstorm often

5.4.1. Setting up Goals

5.4.2. Creating road maps

5.4.3. Anything

5.4.4. Just like this mindmeister

6. What do you think success looks on our team?

6.1. Strong Leaderships

6.1.1. Clear Goals

6.1.2. Resolve conflict

6.1.3. Ensure everyone works well together

6.1.4. Make sure that we all stay on tasks

6.2. Understanding Effective Goals

6.2.1. S.M.A.R.T Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. FYI...

6.3. Trust other members

6.3.1. Skills and expertise

6.3.2. Mutual respect

6.4. Having Diversity

6.4.1. Personal interests

6.4.2. Expertise

6.4.3. Experiecnes