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Lutherwood by Mind Map: Lutherwood

1. How are services/programs accessed?

1.1. Point 1

1.1.1. Lutherwood's programs are accessed through Front Door, or other referral sources. To explore options that meet the needs of of the partiular person, they are asked to attend a Walk-In service. All services are provided free of charge.

2. What services/programs are available for Ontario students and their families?

2.1. Children's Mental Health- They provide a range of services to assist children and their families coping with mental health challenges. For example, they offer residential treatment and assessment services, family crisis and prevention counselling, community and school-based interventions and operate a youth shelter.

2.2. Housing services support- they assist in a search to find permanent, safe and affordable housing. Whether for a senior, a youth, new to Canada, part of a large family or a person who has never had a place to call home,.

3. Lutherwood is a progressive, not-for-profit health and social service organization that strengthens the lives of people in our community by providing mental health, employment, housing and family support services to more than 16,600 people annually in Waterloo Region and Wellington County.

4. What are the vision and goals of the agency?

4.1. Mission: to inspire hope and strengthen lives by offering high quality mental health, employment and housing services.

4.2. Vision: Communities where all children, youth, adults and families experience mental wellness, financial stability and a safe place to live.

5. How does the agency address equity, inclusion and awareness of cultural diversity

5.1. Listed under their values, they state that they treat people with dignity and understanding, and free from judgment. They provide excellent service because they care about the people they serve.

6. Lutherwood and seven local agencies that deliver children’s mental health services have begun transforming a system to ensure that children, youth and their families will know what children’s mental health services are available, have confidence in those services and get the support they need and deserve.