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Racism and prejudice by Mind Map: Racism and prejudice

1. Famous protests

1.1. Bus boycottIt After Rosa parks became arrested many people became very angry, and they protest against the policy of segregation on the bus. black people talk with king about the segregation in the bus, He helped them. Black people dont wanted to take the bus anymore. At larst the black people won the fight.

1.2. The sit on: February 1960 some black students sat down in a restaurant and asked for lunch and they got a no. more and more people both black and white came every day and sitting on the restaurant, and at least in July 1960 they let both black and white people use the restaurants.

1.3. The freedom riders was demonstradet whit non violence

2. New words

2.1. Prejudiced= Fordomme Attitude=Attitude One side view= Snæversynet Stereotypes= Stereotyp Confindent= Selvsikker Suffragetters= Rødstrømperne Elections= Valg Disability= Diskriminere Average= gennemsnit Cope= Klare den/ ordne noget Judgement= Dom/at dømme nogen Bufylling= At noget er fair Prejudice= Fordom To be prejudiced= Forudindtaget/Fordomsfuld To suffer from Prejudiced= være ramt af/ lide under fordomme Equal rights for all = Lige rettigheder for alle The fight for civil rights= kampen for civile/menneskelige rettigheder Racial and social injustice = Racemæssig og social uretfærdighed Civil rights legregation = Civile rettigheders lovgivning Segregation= raceadskillelse Civil rights legistlation = Civile rettigheders lovgivning Equal = Lige rettigheder) Civil = Almindelige borgere Civil rights movement = Borgerrettigheder Racial tension = Spændinger mellem sorte og hvide Racial and social injustice = Uretfærdighed Civil rights legislation = lovgivning for borgerrettigheder Civil rights act 1965 = Loven der gjorde raceadskillelse ulovlig

3. Books and movies

3.1. The movie: The butler

3.2. The book "Martin Luther King"

3.3. The movie Mississippi Burning

3.4. The movie Selma

4. The society in the USA/history

4.1. In 1800 there came a lot of rules which segregated black and white people. In schools, busses, resturanses and cemetery In 1929 many black people was poor, and White people bought black people to be slaves for them. The black people was addicted to the white people financial

4.2. Today the black people have more rigths both in political and financial and are not addicted of the white people anymore. Many white people have respect for the black people today for exeampel in music and sport. There is still recisme in the world today ex. Ku Klux Klan

5. Civil rights movement

5.1. In 19950 the black people i the USA have got enoght They would fought agaist the white and get the same civil rights.

5.2. For the white people, the black people was not real people they could not have the same rights as them.

6. People who fought against racism

6.1. Rosa Parks

6.1.1. Rosa parks was a powerful women. She was black and a day in the bus, the bus driver called the police, because she didn't wanted give her seat to a white person.

6.2. Martin Luther King

6.2.1. Martin Luther King was born 15 January in 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia. He fought against racism and he made the speech "I have a dream" He had had a very big importance for people today especially black people

6.3. Nelson Mandela

6.3.1. Was president i the USA he was leader in the group ANC, and ANC would fight for have the same rights.

6.4. Malcolm X

6.4.1. He was a figther like Martin Luther King, but fought with violence

6.5. Little rock

6.5.1. They was a gorup of students there fought for civil rights but they fought with violence and started also the sit on.

6.6. Gandhi

6.6.1. He was also a man there fought against black whit non violence. Martin Luther King became very inspired of Gandhi and he's words.

6.7. Freedom riders

6.7.1. Freedom riders was a group of the groups CORE, SCLC and SNCC . They demonstradet whit non violence against segregation

7. Presidents

7.1. Dweight D. Eiserhower

7.1.1. He was 34. president in the USA In 1953-1961

7.2. J.F. Kennedy

7.2.1. H was 35. president in the USA in 1961-1963

7.3. Lyndon B. Johnson

7.3.1. He was 36 president in the USA in 1963-1969

7.4. Nixon

7.4.1. He was 37. president in the USA in 1969-1974

7.5. Genald Ford

7.5.1. He was 38. president in the USA in 1974-1977

7.6. Jimmi Carter

7.6.1. He was 39 president in the USA in 1977-1981

7.7. Ronald Reagan

7.7.1. He was 40. President in the USA in 1981-1989

7.8. Barack Obama

7.8.1. He was 44. President in the USA in 2009-2016

7.9. Donald Trump

7.9.1. He became president i the USA in 2016

8. Fighters against blacks

8.1. Many white people

8.2. Ku Klux Klan. 1867 a group of soldiers in the Southern state of Georgia started a secret organization to fight against black rights

9. Racism in general

9.1. Racism is the thougt about that some groups of people are more worth than other. In the history there was a lot of racism i the world. It is If you disability people with another skincolor, religion or culture.