Team Software Process (TPS)

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Team Software Process (TPS) by Mind Map: Team Software Process (TPS)

1. A framework and a process structure for building and guiding engineering teams that develop software.

2. 1. To help software engineering teams to build quality products within cost and schedule constraints. 2. To build teams quickly & reliably. 3. To optimize team performance throughout a project. 4. Accelerate software process improvement. 5. Make CMM level 5 behavior normal & expected.

2.1. Problems - Ineffective peer evaluation - Function creep - Poor work quality - Procrastination - Lack of participation - Failure to compromise/cooperate - Ineffective leadership

3. Process Improvement Methods CMM - Improve organization's capability; management focus TSP - Improves team performance; team and product focus. PSP - Improves individual skills and discipline; personal focus

4. Strategy 1. Provide simple framework based on PSP 2. Require process discipline 3. Use role and team evaluation

5. Life Cycle Phases Launch - Strategy - Plan - Requirement - Design - Implement - Test - Postmortem - Launch

6. Contains - Team building process that address the team goals and commitment - Team working process that addresses and practices used by them