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Bobby Hertensteiner's Mind Map Vocab Project by Mind Map: Bobby Hertensteiner's Mind Map Vocab Project
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Bobby Hertensteiner's Mind Map Vocab Project


Populations of living organisms that interact with one another in an ecosystem.


Group region of Earth that is inhabited by a community of distinct types of plannt and associated animal species.


Temperate Deciduous Forest

Coniferous Forest




Freshwater Biome

Marine Biome


Any Form of Life


Group of individuals of the same species found in a given area or located in the same area at a given time.


Group of living organisms that interact with one another and the non living physical environment as one unit.


Layer of soil, water and air that sustains life.

Food Chain Food Web

Trophic Levels


Primary Consumer

Secondary Consumer

Tertiary Consumer

Biotic Factors

Nonliving parts of an ecosystem

Abiotic Factors

The living Parts of an ecosystems


Diversity among and within plant and animal species in an environment.

Hot spots

a biogeographic region with a significant reservoir of biodiversity that is under threat from humans.

Ecological succession

ChangesĀ in the structure of an ecological community.

Primary succession

Occurs where there was never an ecosystem

Secondary succession

Occurs where an ecosystem has died.

Pioneer species

The first species to move into an ecosystem.

Climax community

The community becomes this at the end of either primary or secondary succession.

Limiting Factors

Conditions of the environment that limit the growth of a species

Carrying Capacity

The number of individuals of a species that an ecosystem can support.

Population growth

The change in population over time.

Black Death

A disease that swept through Europe and took out most of the population.

Industrial Revolution

A success in manufactured goods that helped the population.

Exponential Growth

An increase in something that starts out slow and then begins to rapidly go up.


describes how biological systems remain diverse and productive over time.

Logistic Growth

When something increases quickly at first but then slows down as it gets higher.


The graphing line of Exponential growth.


The graphing line of logistic growth.

Population Growth Rate

The speed of which the population increases.


A wet underground layer of waterbearing permiable rock.

Water Pollution

Contamination of water bodies.

Point Source

Pollution that comes from a single source, such as a factory source pollution

Non-point Source

Comes from a combination of a town's residents going about their everyday activities.