IoS Project Term 2 & 3 2017 10 sessions

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IoS Project Term 2 & 3 2017 10 sessions by Mind Map: IoS Project Term 2 & 3 2017  10 sessions

1. 4. Research

1.1. SESSION #5 T2 Wk 10 and SESSION #6 T3 Wk 2

1.1.1. costings How to get quotes/costings STEM Team + Council Workshop Industry experts and DPs - students spk to on site or skype? adobe connect?

1.1.2. Annotated collage/folio of ideas products fnishes materials furniture landscaping

1.1.3. Pechakucha: speech on 9 slides@10 sec (3 min) a slide on auto timer - to panel. Written feedback in relation to DQ - google form? from panel after each delivery? 3 prompt qns?

2. 1. Hook Event - project brief/areas to improve

2.1. SESSION #1 T2 Wk2

2.1.1. Exec Team (clients) to provide school areas they want fixed photos of existing Walk around school what does $5000 look like in the built environment? Visual activity

2.1.2. Student select areas of school to work on Companies formed


3.1. SESSION #11 T4 Wk 2 and SESSION #12 T4 Wk4

3.1.1. Skills Workshop #5 - Using microphone and lectern on stage Impromptu pitches practice Alex Losurdo and an Industry rep to run session ? Louise?

3.1.2. Recap and Prep Revise model/presentation after Shark Tank Prepare 2 min pitch and written handout/display Practice delivery in Hall/Microphone

3.1.3. Venue - Hall Judges select top 10 by viewing displays - each team has 2 min pitch? Top 10 pitch to whole Yr gp/judges and Finance Team (Masterchef style) If judges from different companies - make mixed gp to tour a section of displays -to make faster - they collaborate on choices for finals Students need to have as min: written documentation of proposal + 2 min and final pitch + display + presentation materials incl model/prototypes - suitable for a hall and stage?

4. 2. Investigation - Root Causes and Consequences

4.1. SESSION#2 T2 Wk 4 and SESSION #3 Wk 6

4.1.1. Case Study of a built environment problem - Design Build Expo site? Council Presntation? Sebel presentation?

4.1.2. 5 Whys

4.1.3. Root Cause Tree Diagram - scaffold

4.1.4. Students conduct self assessment of situation - take photos, peer/staff opionins of what are causes / consult with client/observations External Experts to assist students by asking challenging qns of their preliminary cause stocktake to dig deeper into their broad stroke ideas of causes - mini design team mtgs with an expert in common room - 10 min blocks? Students use this feedback to start their ideation process

4.1.5. Skills Workshop #1 -How to document your project and collaborate with your team Uae of Google Classroom/Drive Use of the display folder for sketches/drafts/notes Mind mapping app for ideas email protocol

5. 3. Ideation

5.1. SESSION#4 T2 Wk 8

5.1.1. How do we address the root causes identified last session? Brainstorming Class Activity - Ellen De Genres Show Apply to design project Brainstorm/s document saved online OR sketches/notes in display folder

5.1.2. Skills Workshop #2 - Research + Project Budgeting how to ring/email suppliers what qns do I ask? Using spreadsheet template 30% Project Management costs + labour + materials how to find materials for free - reuse/repurpose what is in school

6. Skill Development - parallel to each session

6.1. Google SketchUp

6.1.1. SEBEL/TAFE/TAS Workshop

6.2. Data

6.2.1. Maths/Science Workshop

6.3. Model making

6.3.1. SEBEL/TAFE/TAS Workshop

6.4. prototyping techniques

6.4.1. SEBEL/TAFE/TAS Workshop

6.5. How to pitch a proposal

6.5.1. Losurdo/Council Workshop

6.6. document ideas/evidence

6.6.1. Losurdo Workshop

6.7. making ph calls/speaking with industry

6.7.1. Council Workshop

6.7.2. Losurdo Workshop

6.8. budget - spreadsheet

6.8.1. Maths Workshop

6.9. teacher demo at each TEAM mtg on use of scaffold/task for next session+ professional reading expected for each session as teacher prep

6.9.1. design thinking

6.9.2. prototyping

6.9.3. collaboration non Google Docs/other apps

6.9.4. Teacher Professional Reading Learning Through Doing: Intro to Design Thinking IDEO IDEO - School Cafeteria Case Study IDEO’s Sandy Speicher on Design Thinking in Schools Sydney Architecture Walking (SAW) Tours UWS Maker Space Biuilding the Future Teaching Resource How to make a PechaKucha

7. 5. Prototyping

7.1. SESSION #7 T3 Wk 4

7.1.1. drawings school floor plans scale mark up photos

7.1.2. storyboards

7.1.3. Skills Workshop #3 - Protyping Workshop Rapid model making Annotated photos/aerial shots Sketches Storyboards

7.1.4. using some model making techniques

7.1.5. Feedback and evaluation Students - peer evaluation Client - Exec team member/s

7.1.6. Final prototype and a summary of peer/client evalutions and team's response to that

8. 6. Finalise design

8.1. SESSION #8 T3 Wk 6 and SESSION #9 T3 Wk 8

8.1.1. costing labour products materials

8.1.2. products changes

8.1.3. logistics (option) who when how

8.1.4. make scale model feedback from Client Summarise findings and team's response

8.1.5. Skills Workshop #4 - Pitch Training What is a pitch? How to pitch design ideas? Impromptu pitches practice Core Essentials in a pitch - relate to DQ- eg: Shark Tank Alex Losurdo and an industry rep to run session

8.1.6. Prepare for Shark Tank Addess DQ Persuasive Pitch by Design Team pitch Presentation Resources drawings/sketches model

9. 7. Shark Tank

9.1. SESSION #10 T3 Wk10

9.1.1. P1 - setup 3 venues: 2 companies per venue

9.1.2. P2/3 - Shark Tank Pitches Tight format: 5 min delivery + max 5 min qn + written feedback video some pitches

9.1.3. Venues Common Room Tiered Learning Space Library - Sole Space?