Chapter 8:

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Chapter 8: by Mind Map: Chapter 8:

1. Mainstream Media

1.1. Depict Homeless as social deviants

1.1.1. New node

1.2. "voice" of the masses

1.3. Highly corporatized

1.4. Favor the politically and economically superior

1.5. Bottom-line Driven

2. Public Space

2.1. Made up of private individuals

2.2. "Rationally" discuss public matters

2.3. Generally hostile and fearful toward homeless/underemployed

3. Independent Media

3.1. By and for the people

3.2. Greater reflection of public interest

3.3. Alternative view

3.4. 100 street papers worldwide

3.4.1. Toronto Street News

4. Homeless/Underemployed

4.1. Not accepted as part of the "public"

4.1.1. New node

4.2. Allowed to earn $ by selling TSN rather than panhandle

4.3. May initiate increased contact with the public through selling of TSN

5. TSN

5.1. Owed/Operated by ex-street people

5.2. provide a critique of social/political issues

5.2.1. May/may not live up to its mission due to narrow editorial voice

5.3. Primary audience not the homeless or underemployed

5.4. May alter general views of homeless/underemployed