Chapter 5-Section 2: Enlightenment Ideas Spread

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Chapter 5-Section 2: Enlightenment Ideas Spread by Mind Map: Chapter 5-Section 2: Enlightenment Ideas Spread

1. Conflicts of New Ideas

1.1. Most Europeans had accepted a society of divine right

1.1.1. During Enlightenment, these ideas began to seem irrational

1.2. Enlightened writers faced censorship

1.3. Ideas spread in salons (social gatherings)

2. Arts and Literature

2.1. Baroque: grand ornate style of art (Louis XIV)

2.2. Rococo: light, elegant, charming (Louis XV)

2.2.1. Strayed away from religious subjects

2.3. Composers developed classical music

2.3.1. Famous composers Johann Sebastian Bach Franz Joseph Haydn Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

2.4. Prose became more popular

2.4.1. Daniel Defoe: Robinson Crusoe

2.4.2. Samuel Richardson: Pamela

3. Enlightened Despots

3.1. Absolute rulers who used their powers to bring political/social change

3.2. Examples

3.2.1. Frederick II King of Prussia Worked for the common good

3.2.2. Catherine the Great Empress of Russia Believed in equality and liberty Expanded the Russian Empire

3.2.3. Joseph II Austrian ruler Continued Maria Theresa's government modernization Supported religious equallity, ended serfdom and censorship