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What is next for the work with sustainability in Vancouver? by Mind Map: What is next for the work with sustainability in Vancouver?
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What is next for the work with sustainability in Vancouver?

Questions to ask

How can muliticulturalism support sustainability?

How is sustinability meassured?

What is the meaning of sustainability?

what values are we loking for?

How can we grow through communication?

Why are we in the state that we are?

How to use the urgency of ecological sustainability?

How can multiculturalisme support sustainability?

What should we sustain - what shouldnt we?

What is my role

how to work together and develop and sustain working ideas?

Actions to take


education for sustainability

spreading the word

Actively creating our desired future

Sustaibability fairs in s communities

Work at all levels in society

put all this stuff on facebook

Include big business

Work across deciplines

Make building codes more green

Maintaining and growing the network

Communities to build




Coops based on private initiative


Community with a shared purpose

Places to get inspiration

downtown eastside

best practices from other communities

Visual consistent pattern of growth over time

Seeing what works and not.

inspiring others to get involved

demonstration site

through action

collaborating around the same vision

Have more fun

Posetive stories

Make it sound easy, inexpensive & smart

Energi & vitalized campagins

have more fun with old people

have more fun with young people

have more fun with peopl from downtown

have more fun with old people

Celebrate our wins

Creates passion


Doing it for the right resasons

Hope over fear

Carring about people

create a sense of belonging




Fith solution

Change direction of politics


Building trust


Leaders -> actions vs words



appropriate structures

structures of communities/govt to support a min of sustainability

Mass communication






Ways of working

Dreams visions shared

through art

What does the final picture look like?

Natural, no other options but to make the right choices

healthy light footstep

Common goals

Recognition of the writer/producer combination

What are the skills we possess in this team?