Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 by Mind Map: Chapter 3

1. Fontographer -is a specialized graphic editor -compatible with both Macintosh -can be used to develop PostScript,TrueType and OpenType fonts

2. Extended Character Set(ISO Latin-1) -extra 1 bit in ASCII -up to 256 character

3. Important of text in a Multimedia Presentation

3.1. Text is obviously the simplest of data types and require the least amount of storage

3.2. Text in the form of symbols,words,sentences,and paragraph

3.3. Text is a vital element of multimedia menus,navigation system and content

4. Fonts and typefaces -Typeface is a family of graphic character Ex:Arial Style -Fonts is a collection of characters of a single size and style belonging to a particular typeface family Ex: Arial 18 point Bold

4.1. Font style

4.1.1. Boldface

4.1.2. Italic

4.1.3. Underlining

4.1.4. Outlining

4.2. Font terminology

4.2.1. Baseline -the line on which the bases of character are arranged

4.2.2. Cap height -refers to the height of the capital letter

4.2.3. X-Height -the distance between the baseline and the top of a lower-case letter x

4.2.4. Ascenders/descenders -strokes that rise above the X-height/drop below the baseline

4.2.5. Kerning -adjustment of space between certain pairs of letters to make them look more uniform EX:AV

4.2.6. Tracking -adjustment of space for group of letters

4.2.7. Serif versus Sans Serif Serif -is the little decoration at the end of a letter stroke -used for printed media or documents that have large quantities of text Sans Serif -does not have decoration at the end of a letter stroke -used for headlines and bold statement -better computer display

4.3. Cases

4.3.1. Capitalized letter is refer to as uppercase

4.3.2. Small letter is refer to as lowercase

4.3.3. placing an uppercase letter in the middle of a word is refer to as CamelCase

5. Fontographer -is a specialized graphic editor -compatible with both Macintosh -can be used to develop PostScript,TrueType and OpenType fonts

5.1. Menus for Navigation -A user navigate through content using a menu -consist of a text of topics

5.2. Interactive buttons -A button is a clickable object that executes a command when activated -users can create their own buttons from bitmap and graphic

5.3. Field for reading -Reading a hard copy is easier and faster than reading from the computer screen -can be printed as portrait or landscape

5.4. HTML documents

5.5. Symbols --are concentrated text in the form of stand-alone graphic constructs -convey meaningful messages

5.6. Icons -are symbolic representation of objects and processes -similar to the actual product

6. Bitmap font and Vector font

6.1. Bitmap font -consists of a matrix of dots or pixels representing the image

6.2. Vector fonts -drawing use instruction and mathematical formulae to describe each glyph -smaller than bitmaps

6.3. Rasterization -is the process of converting text from a vector description to a raster or bitmap description -jaggies are the jagged edges you see when a bitmapped image is resized

6.4. Anti-aliasing -blend the font into background colour

7. Character set

7.1. -Computer can only understand numbers -ASCII(American Standard Code for Information Interchange)code is the numerical representation of a character -represent by a unique 7-bit banary code word -that are 128 character

7.2. Unicode -is a 16 bit architecture for multilingual text and character encoding -covers 96,382 characters

8. Font editing and design tools

8.1. FontLab,Ltd

8.2. Creating attractive texts

9. Hypertext and Hypermedia

9.1. Hypertext is a text which contains links to other texts

9.1.1. used for: 1.Electronic publishing and reference works 2.Technical Documentation 3.Educational courseware 4.Interactive kiosks 5.Electronic catalogs

9.2. -Hypermedia is not constrained to be text-based -It can include graphic ,image,sound,and video

9.2.1. Links -connection between conceptual elements -the navigation pathway and menus

9.2.2. Nodes -are accessible topics,documents,messages,and content elements -from the backbone of a knowledge access system

9.2.3. Anchors -defined as the reference from one document to another document ,image ,sound or file on the web.