Cold Contacting - Sales Prospecting

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Cold Contacting - Sales Prospecting by Mind Map: Cold Contacting - Sales Prospecting

1. Attitude

1.1. Sales is a process, not an event

1.1.1. But we forget this with cold calling!

1.2. Get dressed for work and on your feet everyday

2. Clear Outcomes

2.1. what's best way to schedule 15mins to discuss further?

2.2. Can you advise who the best person is to talk on this and how I would get 15mins in their diary?

2.3. Can I take some basic details from you?

2.3.1. Tel Number

2.3.2. Email

2.3.3. Social Media

2.4. Can we schedule a face to face meeting to discus further?

3. Voicemail

3.1. No longer than 30 seconds

3.1.1. You're not trying to sell

3.1.2. It's about picqing interest

3.2. Never reference a failed response

3.2.1. Eg "I've tried you 3 times and left a voice message but have not been able to reach you"

3.3. Leave a vpicemail myself

3.3.1. What do i sound like

3.4. 5 cadence approach

3.4.1. This is Steve call me back on xxx

3.4.2. Once again this is syeve from Salesforce, on 0121 Reason for my call

3.4.3. xxx

3.4.4. xxxxxx

3.5. Avoid Weak words

3.5.1. I believe

3.5.2. Basically

3.5.3. If

3.5.4. Figure out your own weak words

3.6. Leave contact details until the end

3.7. If screw up can politely hang up the call

4. Telephone Cold Calling

4.1. Examples Of Weak Introductions

4.1.1. How are you today?

4.1.2. Touching base

4.1.3. Is this a bad time?

4.1.4. Is this a good time?

4.2. Best avoid

4.2.1. The reason for my call today is....

4.2.2. Can you help me? Useful sometimes, puts prospect in position of power

4.2.3. Can I ask you a question

4.3. Powerful introductions

4.3.1. Thank you for taking my call

4.3.2. You don't know me so I'll be brief Signals prospect can stop trying to figure out who I am

4.3.3. Christian name only; Surname diffcult to hear/ remenber Steve from the Marketing Cloud John from IBM Ben from Shell

4.3.4. The reason for my call today is .....

4.3.5. Attention Grabbers Response you want to solicit is "how do you do that"? or similar request for additional information Follow on Email Follow on Email/Video Link You could ask "how do you do that"? retorically

4.4. Thames Valley Training (IFS)

4.4.1. Call To Action send a brochure email links Visit requirements review demo Webex demo follow on call deep dive functional call Use knowledge gained to speak to the FD or MD

4.4.2. Notes can I ask you a question Why issue an RFP, we can give you hands-on experience We have just completed/just implementing. where the payback/outcome was... Ideal for those with limited budget

4.4.3. Prep Where are they? "In the area" What is the outcome I am selling for this customer what customers do we have in this market? Say SAP and S-A-P

4.4.4. Marketing Priortise main gains by strengths of our product Consider segmeting your market by gain/outcome

4.4.5. Thames Valley Manual

5. Email

5.1. "Subject" lines

5.1.1. Example "Your objective at ABC Ltd to triple revenue in 5 years" "Your" - it's about them not you! "triple revenue in 5 years" - references something specific, likely to be forefront of their minds, & demonstrates your research

5.2. "Body" lines

5.2.1. If dont know

5.2.2. Avoid too many embeded web links If put a link make it a video But probably 3rd or 4th touch Only signature

5.2.3. No attachments What we ate saying is do your homework and come and talk to u Nobody (sensible) opens an attachment on a "cold" email as security threat

5.2.4. 2 scrolls maximum in length Dont give them reason to go in the no file

5.2.5. Keeping myself updated on your business

5.2.6. "I work on the Sears account team"

5.2.7. Example "I recently read your article in Forbes Magazine how through new innovations you expect to triple your revenue"

5.2.8. Example "For ABC Company we have tripled their revenue"

5.2.9. Don't use html emails You can mass email text, not html html looks weird on blackberry you are giving them reason to delete

5.3. Call To Action

5.3.1. Call back? I hace case study signicant me to discuss Little value if give for free

5.3.2. Meeting?

5.3.3. Referrals? Could you connect me with the best person to speak to about that?

5.3.4. Ask for something specifc

5.3.5. Example "What is best way to get 60 mis on your calendar"

5.3.6. Be direct

5.4. Everybody says "HI"

5.4.1. Try Good Evening

5.4.2. Try Good morning

5.5. Signature

5.5.1. Keep very simple

5.5.2. Long signature files look like spam

5.6. Dont reach out to CEO with CIO message

5.6.1. If get reffered will piy CIO back up

5.6.2. Going behind back

5.7. Principles

5.7.1. Emails should be used as scheduling meeting Not as a meeting itself Emails should drive phone calls

5.7.2. After every conversation with client, send summary email Tell them it's coming Could do me a favour, review and let em know it's accurate

6. Objection Handling

6.1. "send me info"

6.1.1. What, when , why

6.1.2. Schedule 15 mins

6.1.3. "give to get" - Rules of receiprocity Influence

6.2. Before you go any further we are with MS CRM

6.2.1. many of our best customers today were MS customers.They were initially very sceptical that witching would deliver any benefits but Link to MS Switch doc

7. Attention Grabbers

7.1. Elevator Pitch

7.2. Keep it short

7.3. Inpires curiosity

7.3.1. Need a"what" not an "oh"

7.4. Results driven

7.4.1. Are they realistic

7.4.2. What others say about you is better

7.5. Highly charged and passionate

7.6. Focus on listener

7.7. Be unique

8. Research

8.1. Web

8.1.1. Front page

8.1.2. News and events Scan dont fead Look for quotes

8.1.3. About us

8.1.4. Client list

8.1.5. Partner page

8.2. Template

8.2.1. Subject Your

8.2.2. Body John

8.2.3. In keeping

8.3. Resources

8.3.1. Mail Chimp Shows statistics on click through rates so you can test effectiveness of your "Subject" lines

9. Preperation

9.1. AIDA

9.2. Bad phrase

9.2.1. "meet with you"

9.2.2. Quantify what your asking for e Sell 15mins

9.3. Hand written cards

9.4. Define approaches

9.4.1. Eg linkedin approach

9.4.2. Competitive approach Your comp

9.4.3. Industry approach

9.4.4. Time approach Morning Afternoon

9.4.5. Approach is my campaigns

9.5. Focus for specific time

9.5.1. Eg Hour

9.5.2. Clear diary for that hour

9.6. Track your results

9.6.1. of manualSee page 62

9.6.2. Measure to know what works

9.6.3. If your hit rate is 1 in 10, don't judge progress until done 10 calls

9.7. WYWYN

9.7.1. Formula Powerful introduction Aleays start with "your" Reason for the call Whats best way to reach him WYWMN Attention grabber

9.7.2. Why you

9.7.3. Why now

9.7.4. Call to action Is his executive assistant available Needs to be easy to deliever Open ended "Who " not "are" you the best person to talk to this

9.7.5. Why you why you now

9.7.6. Signature file Higher you go smaller the file

10. Gatekeepers

10.1. Be polite & respectful

10.2. Clear reason for the call

10.2.1. Reason for my call today

10.3. Ask for something specific

10.4. No tricks

10.5. Stick to the formula

11. Org chart

11.1. Get their Org Chart - Shows power line

11.2. Higher you go higher you stay

11.3. Getting round mid-level blockers

11.3.1. Peer to peer leverage within your own organisatins "My RVP Sales would like to meet Bill"

11.3.2. Behave like you know power will need to be involved "When does Bill need to be involved"

12. Action

12.1. Calling

12.1.1. Map out 5 people want to touch each weak

12.1.2. 5 unique touches/5 people Talk about 1 thing at atime First call sales cloud Second call service cloud Very targetted list Schedule them out Don't need to do anymore 25 touches

12.1.3. In 30 days

12.2. Google alerts

13. Nlp

13.1. When prospecting mix up your comunications

13.1.1. Email

13.1.2. Call

13.1.3. Mail

13.2. Ask "whatbis best way to communicate"

13.2.1. You probably get 2000 emails

13.2.2. Anything I can put in subject line?

13.2.3. Will you respond? Asking for verbal commitment

13.2.4. Just out of curiosity will you respond

13.3. When you present touch all 3

13.3.1. Visuals Take slide down now and again otherwise they will just stare at it

13.3.2. Hand stuff out

13.3.3. Get them to do something Pass over control

13.3.4. Over phone Gt them to go to website

13.4. Our clients tell us that we show them

14. Objectives

14.1. Calls

14.1.1. 2, 3 each day

14.1.2. Most salespeople only follow a lead once or twice

14.1.3. Biggestissuenis "nothingbnew to say" Top salesman have defined prospecting that is multiplentouch

14.2. planning

14.2.1. Daily

14.2.2. Weekly

14.2.3. Annual

14.3. Meetings

14.3.1. Always write down objectives

14.4. The numbers

14.4.1. Cold calls Average hit is 5% So how many calls

14.5. Dont sell

14.5.1. Prospecting = attention & interest

15. Other process

15.1. Executives respond

15.1.1. Internal reffereals Obligation Respect for person who gave you referral

15.1.2. External referals Are half as effective

15.2. Exec assistant

15.2.1. I e been trying to reach Kristie I know shevis supe busy

15.3. Does timeing make difference?

15.3.1. Typically VP sales are early

15.3.2. Try sending weekend

15.3.3. Make it easy to respond to

15.4. John would'nt call cell phone without scheduled

15.5. Test for power

15.5.1. Will they sign NDA

15.5.2. Summary, and ask for confirmation by email People below power line have hard time siging up Accountability